Monday, March 31, 2014

Mother/Son Photoshoot: Styling Madi and Maxwell

I had a blast styling my good friend Madi and her sweet baby Maxwell for a shoot a few weeks ago! It was great to dress these two, and great for Madi to have some phenomenal post-pregnancy pictures as well as pictures with her new baby, without worrying about any of the logistics. All the fun of a photoshoot without any of the anxiety or stress.

I could go on and on about their gorgeousness, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words! And though she wore several outfits, I kept the same lip color and hair for each. I was thrilled to be able to utilize one of my very favorite lip colors right now and show how it can be used in so many settings, with so many colors and during EVERY SEASON. And no, it's not a nude or neutral lip! Keep reading to see Madi and Max in all their glory and to see how Madi can pull off a dark purple lip color against so many outfit choices.

For baby Max, I put him in a studly little outfit and the photographer (Malae Talley) couldn't help but snap a few pics of baby with mom!
Khakis, White Button up and Woven Cardigan: The Children's Place

Next, I put Madi in a paisley Maxi dress and pulled the less promenant colors from the dress using her accessories, lip color and shoes. I purposely utilized a bold lip with very neutral makeup and pin straight hair. Her lip color pulls the purple from the dress and also ties together nicely with her shoes, pulling the whole look together, quite literally, from top to bottom. I'm all about contrast and with such a pastel/bright necklace so close to her face, a bold plum colored lip was the perfect contrast and also helps the necklace and dress pull the blue out of her eyes.
Dress: Alloy; Necklace: My Sister's Closet; Purple Pumps: Justfab; Makeup: Lipstick-Heroine by MAC cosmetics with Vision in Violet Lipgloss by Maybelline Elixir over the top.

For Madi's second look, I put her in a plaid/flannel shirt and black pants. I decided to make it more feminine with a pointed toe pump and scarf. The contrast of the prints in her scarf and top are one of my absolute favorite parts of this look. Without that, it wouldn't have been anything special but mixing patterns makes a boring or predictable look more interesting. It also just goes to show you that nothing in you (or your man's) closet is off limits! I kept the same lip color throughout her different looks but the reason I loved it here was because of the dark, vampy look it gives her as a contrast against such a masculine top. It's the same idea as the mixing of the patterns. We play up the "girlyness" in her look with her accessories and makeup (vampy lip, leopard print scarf, stiletto pumps) and then the skeleton of the look is very masculine and maybe even haphazard. Plus the purple and red combo are unexpected and yet...they work! This is my favorite look I put Madi in that day.
Top: Wal Mart (men's section); Leggings: Old Navy; Scarf: Nordstrom; Pumps: Charlotte Russe

Her last look was perfect for her. I put her in a very full skirt with a very fitted top. The look originally involved an oversized floral printed belt, but alas, it was left behind in the mass packing for the photoshoot. However, I think she pulled it off regardless. This is the same look she was wearing for the candid photos that were taken with her baby. The reason I stayed with this lip color for this look was because the contrast between the lip and her skin, and then her peach button up, was enough to make the look interesting without looking odd or out of place. Plus, the purple hue goes so well with the peach top, the same way that the navy skirt does. This is an outfit you'd typically see in the springtime or summer and it just goes to show you a bold lip is not taboo in the warmer months! And with such a full skirt, how could I NOT put her in t-strap pumps?!
Peach Button Up: Old Navy; Polka Dot A-Line Skirt: Cozy; T-Strap heels: Old (Store Unknown)

I had a blast dressing Madi and Maxwell! Don't they look great!?

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Jess said...

That close-up shot of Madi in the paisley maxi is RIDICULOUS. I love all the colors and the fact that she is unfairly beautiful doesn't hurt. :) Great job, Lyss! Love the styles!