Monday, March 3, 2014

Instagram Window Shopping


Well, hello! Happy Monday. I thought that today I'd show you some fun things that I've seen while "Instagram Shopping" over the last little while. There are a few Insta accounts that I follow that tend to have some gorgeous pieces and I thought, why not share some of my favorites with you, via IG Screenshots.

This post is not sponsored but all parties have been contacted to ask for permission. 

This first shop is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. I found them via ShopLately, and I'm obsessed with the pieces. (I've blogged about ShopLately before, here.) Not only are they classy and gorgeous but they're one of a kind and bold. I feel like their pieces could make a statement and still look classic and put together. How beautiful are these pieces? And some are HAND MADE!!! Here are some of my favorites from Instagram!
The lilac colors in this piece caught my eye. SPRINGTIME!
The triangles make me feel edgy but classic.

The company hand makes these packages. 

I think these are so beautiful! Button earrings are classic!
This piece is HANDMADE! Gorg!

You can visit Bling LA at their Instagram feed @blinglosangeles as well as at their website here. (
The next shop that I'm loving on lately is called Gypsy Threads. Their Instagram is full of cute pieces and you can find their website here. Here are some of my favorites from their Insta account. Follow them @gypsythreadsshoppe.

Kimonos are so in right now. And floral!!
Hipster chic, anyone?!

The mix of texture and prints here is perfect.
Pretties! One of a kind pretties! Gimmie!
Last but not least, I came across this account when the owner, Marshay, introduced herself by "liking" one of my Instagram fashion posts. Marshay has plans to own a boutique and though some of her pieces are a bit too racy for my taste, there are several items that caught my eye, and I think they're pretty. Though I can't vouch for the quality of the pieces, as far as Instagram goes, it's definite eye candy!
You can follow her @ _superstarstyle.
I love this dress. The leather detail... <3
These midi dresses are so fun. The left? Cray and adorable. The middle? Love the texture. The right? Just my style.

This dress reminds me of Katherine Hepburn!
This little Tutu is for girls size 2-6. How cute?! Ellie needs one!
Well, all, hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from the last little while of Instagram Window Shopping. Tell me what you think!

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