I was in a photo-shoot a few weeks ago where Alyssa Hall was over makeup and wardrobe. Prior to this gig, I had not met Alyssa. I can honestly say she was a gem from start to finish! She made it a great experience.
When it came time for my makeup to be done I was surprised and quite impressed at how comfortable the whole process was. She was limited on time as there were a number of girls to do makeup for and yet my face was not beat up in the process. (No poking my eye or roughness on my face). It was over before I knew it. Then I looked in the mirror and found that she had done quite a deluxe job. The eye makeup was heavy and dramatic -- very professional. One of the things I appreciated most about Alyssa is that she has endless patience. I had lots of questions for her regarding my wardrobe and makeup. It was not a bother to her. She loves to be of help and make the people around her comfortable. She freely answered questions on makeup she used on me including advice on lip-color, etc. Besides being extremely good at what she does, she has just the right personality to go with it. I hope to be able to work with Alyssa again! Julie


I had the amazing experience of Alyssa Hall, from The Searching Project, styling multiple outfits/looks for me. I typically love shopping but was so impressed and pleased when I saw what she had picked out for me. I am 6 months pregnant and it is difficult to find looks that I feel exceptionally comfortable but still fashionable in. The colors she picked for me are perfect and all the looks go with things I already have in my closet as well so I am able to get multiple uses out of the items she picked. I am so glad she took into consideration my personal style so that I will wear the pieces over and over again! I cannot recommend Alyssa enough, whether you love to shop or not her input is amazing! 
-Diana Anderson

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