Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Threads-Black, White and Red

Apparently I've been a fan of the ol' black, white and red combo lately...

Lipstick: Revlon-Coralberry; Zipper Black Blouse: My Sister's Closet Boutique; Booties: Express; Statement Necklace: My Sister's Closet Boutique; Black jeans: Old Navy

Polka Dot Blouse: Kohls c/o Lauren Conrad; Bracelets: Old Navy and Target; Earrings: Old Navy; Leather Leggings: Kohls c/o Vera Wang; Pointed Toe Flats: Express

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birchbox and Ipsy

So, I've been discussing BirchBox and Ipsy with a few of my friends lately, and then yesterday, after posting this picture on Instagram about how much I love that the universe (or UPS, whatever....) sent me my BirchBox and my InStyle on the same day, some of my other friends struck up a conversation on facebook with me about Ipsy and BirchBox.

I have some reviews to do (I'm a slacker and I think it's been since July that I've done an Ipsy vs. BirchBox post), but I wanted to take just a sec and talk about them in general first, and post some links for ya.

I'll start with Ipsy.

Ipsy is pretty great. It is more make up oriented (whereas BirchBox does send makeup but seems to be more hair and skin care oriented than Ipsy is), and I love that each month comes in its own makeup bag. I also feel like the sample sizes are most often not really sample sizes. For example, blush and/or lipgloss is usually full size. Nail polishes are always full size. Eye liner and brow pencils are full size. You get the idea.

Also, Ipsy has links to get discounts on full size items that are sent to you in your bag each month. So if you get something and love it, you can buy a full size at a discount that month!

Ipsy used to not really have much of a points program, but lately they've adopted a system much like BirchBox. You can review the items you get in your Ipsy bag, and you receive points for each item reviewed. After so many points, they send you products. I've received a bracelet (that I adore and wear all the time!!), some OPI nail polish and Urban Decay eye shadow. Right now their points are offering NYX eyeshadow, Benefit mascara and some hair accessories. So, that's pretty rad.

Here is the Ipsy link: 

On to BirchBox.

I love that BirchBox has an amazing points system. For every $10 that you spend (i.e. each month or more if you order full size products), you receive 10 points. You also get 10 points every time you review a product (and each BirchBox has between 4-6 products a that's anywhere from 50-60 points a month). After 100 points you get $10 credit to the BirchBox shop, and you can save up your points. I've got lots of free stuff, people.

Also, BirchBox gives you free shipping on any of the products that came in your package that month, and if you purchase a full size item, they often send you larger than average samples of really great products (like this Living Proof Style Extender. LOVE!!) and they last a long time. I love that their sample sizes are lots bigger than I'd expect.

Here is the BirchBox link: 

Both are just $10/month and I love them both!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Here is some old wardrobe Wednesday's from before the leaves changed color and the weather got just a bit colder. As for today, there is a leather jacket and scarf involved. But let's all think warm thoughts and go back to the summer for a minute, yes?

I've been loving on some stripes and neon lately:

Top: Old Navy, Bermuda shorts: Sexy Modest Boutique, Sandals: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors
Me: Top: Kohls, Skirt: Old Navy, Pumps: Target, Bracelet: a jewelry party
Landon: Who cares where it all came from. Look at that mug! ...handsome little devil!

As for now, I'm obsessed with fall fashion. My Pinterest is going haywire with all of the winter and fall ideas and I love layers, so these seasons are the best! Let's discuss how much I love black and white stripes, mustard yellow and leopard print together. Ya feel? Ya dig? 

Me too.