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My Habit
This website is a lot like Amazon (considering it's owned by Amazon). This is the place you want to go for things like designer handbags, beautiful designer dresses, those shoes, high end makeup, and even really nice products, clothes and home decor for the rest of your family, too. You'll find beautiful, well made, designer items for A FRACTION of the cost you'd pay anywhere else. It reminds me of eBay, but for fashion and home goods only (sans the second hand side of it). Sign up for emails and watch for sales, and you could find yourself with a pair of Vince Camuto's for $47....Yes, this happened to me.

elf Makeup
Get on the email list and watch for the (frequent!) 50% off sales! So many of my favorite high-end dupes are from this site, and the majority of their products are either $1, $3, or $6!

Makeup, clothes, accessories, handbags, kid's clothes, hubby's clothes (we know they ought not shop for themselves), home goods, etc., this Nordstrom owned online corner of heaven is always full of sales, discounts, and if you get on their email list, you get notified about their "events" which are always full of greatness!

This is a great place to buy high-end makeup, especially if you live far away from a Sephora or Ulta. But more than that, I'm in love with the monthly subscriptions. Especially because you can earn points by reviewing the products sent to you in your monthly BirchBox, as well as earn points any time you purchase anything, and if you're consistent with your reviews, every few months or so gets your BirchBox sent to you for (PAY ATTENTION HERE) FREE! Plus, the months that you DO have to pay are only $10!

Ipsy is similar to BirchBox. It's a $10 monthly subscription, and you're sent lots of awesome-ness in an adorable makeup bag every month. The downside? They don't have a points program that gets me free subscriptions. The upside? The products they send each month are almost always full size (or close enough to it that they fool me!) and I tend to like the brands better!

This is a website devoted to my first true love: shoes. They're all $39.95 OR LESS, and if you get on their email list, you'll be notified about great deals like buy one get one free! (That's less than $20 a pair!) These shoes are well made, inspired by designer shoe makers (and often guest designers show up like (gasp!) Steve Madden. It is a subscription, but you're not obligated to buy each month. You can "skip" the month, and you won't be charged. Just set a reminder on your phone! Also, you receive points for every purchase and if you're a shoe lover (they also have TO DIE FOR purses) like me, you'll be bringing home free shoes in no time!

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