Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*CLOSED* Giveaway: The Busy Biddy Boutique

I have a lot of weaknesses.
Some of them are good weaknesses, though.
Like my weakness for Boutiques.

And The Busy Biddy Boutique in Orem, Utah is no exception, my friends.

The second I walked in, it smelled amazing. I was greeted cheerfully by the shop owner, and semi browsed, semi eavesdropped on her conversations with other customers. I listened in as she complimented other shoppers, asked the "regulars" about their families, and gave away rock candy suckers to a little boy who was admittedly ready to go, but was patiently waiting for his mom to finish looking around.

From every possible hook hung an outfit, and from every shelf sat delicate perfume or adorable decor. Counters were lined with jewelry and charms, and treats were visible here and there.

The old home turned boutique is jam packed, in a good way, with treasures. I spoke with the shop owner, Janet, and learned they've been in business for nine years, and she didn't have to tell me she loved her job. It's written all over her face.

She seemed to know every customer by name, and each purchase was perfectly wrapped up. It's not lost on Janet that presentation is everything.

This necklace has two charms. One with an "L" for Landon and another with an "A" for Adelle (Ellie). I adore having my kids' initials around my neck. The only hard part was choosing which charms I wanted!! Janet wrapped it happily for me as I chatted with her about her shop, my blog and our shared loves for all things pretty.

Directly from The Busy Biddy itself is our next beautiful giveaway.
I'm jealous of the winner who will have soft, lovely smelling, sparkling hands with this divine hand cream and adorable ring. (I had my eye on this lotion at Anthropology not too long ago, and trust me, it smells amazing!)

The rules for the giveaway are simple, but you have to complete both steps!!!
- Comment on my blog (and make sure you're a follower)!
- "Like" The Busy Biddy's Facebook page.

An additional entry can be made for "sharing" this post on Facebook, but only if the first two steps are already completed.

The contest will close on Friday, May 3rd. I will notify the winner and you will have 72 hours to claim your (adorable) prize! I'll deliver or ship it to you, if you live far away from me.

Have fun!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Secret Weapons: 6 Secret Mommy Weapons

I'm a good mom.
I'm not a perfect mom.
I'm not Supermom.
I'm pretty much just a normal mom.

And that being said, I often lose my sanity. And I often forget how amazing these two little stinkers lovelies are.

So today, my secret weapons are a few secret tricks I use to keep the chaos of motherhood in perspective.

1. Letters to Baby
For both of my children, I have kept a journal for them from the time I found out I was pregnant. I try to keep it current, although with Landon I had a lot more time on my hands than I do with Adelle, so his is a little bit more thick.

When they are grown, and gone off on their own, I will give them their book of letters. These journals will hopefully give them a glimpse into how much I love them. When I'm at my wits end, I often sit down and either write them a letter or pour over previous entries. It is only a matter of moments before I check myself, and start feeling grateful for them.

2. Letters to Mommy
Similar to my individual journals for my children, I have a "mommy journal" for myself. I have other journals, this blog, a private blog, etc. But my "mommy journal" is just for entries about my kids, documenting funny things they say, or big milestones. I've found, going back and reading them, that I would have forgotten so many of those things. Oftentimes, my entries are just lists. Things like, "Landon's Favorites" and a list of the things that my son is currently loving is a staple in my "mommy journal". Reading over or adding to this also really reminds me that I'm one lucky mama.

3. Playtime
It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life. It's easy to stress about the bills, the housework, the homework (for other students like me), relationships, family, work, etc. But to our children, those things aren't a worry (or they ought not be). Those children will never be children again. And there will come a time when they're "too cool" for us, or would rather be with their friends. Getting on the floor and coloring, busting out the (I know, I know. I hate it, too) play-doh and cookie cutters, or spending an hour pushing giggling toddlers on the swings reminds me about what is really important. The rest seems to take a back seat, if only for a moment.

4. Enlist and Reward
I believe in working. I believe in teaching our children to work, and how to do something efficiently and effectively. And I start them out young. My four year old has his list of daily chores, and a significantly longer list on Saturday's. It's just the way that it is in our home. Even my 18 month old knows how to pick up her toys. When the housework gets chaotic, or the kids are too wild, we often put on some music, make a list on the whiteboard with our reward written at the end. We spend some time doing our work, and I've found that my kids are a lot better about their chores if they get to use the dry-erase markers to cross off each job after it's completed. And who doesn't like a reward at the end?! (I may or may not tailor said reward to my personal preferences/cravings. BECAUSE I'M THE MOM, THAT'S WHY!) I'm an OCD mommy who likes order, lists, and a clean home. These things make me a very happy lady! And if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

As long as I have children in my home (I'm talking well into High School, people), I will probably be single handedly keeping Costco in business with the amount of baby wipes used in my home. We use baby wipes for everything. Diaper changes, sticky hands, dirty faces, yucky picnic tables, questionable restaurant high chairs, crayon masterpieces on the walls, spills in the car, four-year old (and sometimes daddy...) clean up at the base of the toilet, makeup removal (yes, sometimes for mommy, sometimes for curious diva-esque 18-month old's), dirty shoes, those endearing yet annoying hand prints on the walls, quick wiping up of the bathroom counter/sink in between scrubbings when little one's good intentions with toothpaste go awry, etc., etc., etc. Literally, the list goes on and on. We keep some in every room in the house, a package in the car, a package in each of the 14 million diaper bags we have, some in mommy's purse...everywhere you can imagine. Baby wipes are my right hand mommy man. They don't hurt eyes, they are soft on raw, runny noses, and if you buy the skinny travel container, they fit well pretty much anywhere.

6. It Takes a Village
You cannot raise your children alone. Even single parents (kudos, you're phenomenal) require some help. We have to swallow our pride sometimes, and ask Grandma to come get the kids for a minute, or take up your neighbor on her standing offer to let your little one come play for a bit. Some of my closest, dearest friends are known as "Auntie" or "Uncle" to my kids, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My sister and brothers are superheros at my house, and when Grandmas and Grandpas come by, it's smiles all around. It's good for our kids to know that they're loved by so many, it's good for us to see the people we love being good to our kids, and it's good to have a break and let our little ones bond with the people who love them.

Well ya'll, there ya have it. 6 of my secret weapons that help me to be just "that much" of a better mommy. Sometimes I need help, sometimes I need reminders, and sometimes I need routines and order. But in the end, it's all about trying to do those little things to remember how much of a blessing it is to be their mother.

And quite frankly, I'm honored..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to our giveaway winner, Pam! Thanks to everyone who participated! The next giveaway will be this coming Tuesday and I'm so thrilled about it! Stay tuned.....


The Dandilion Perspective

Since the weather is getting warmer, the kids and I are spending more time playing outside, going on walks, and loving the sunshine.

Recently, Landon has entered a phase where he likes to bring me "flowers". These flowers are also known as dandelions.

Dandelions aren't a flower. They're a weed.

But, I try to graciously receive yellow bud after yellow bud and thank him over and over, as if each one is even more lovelier than the one before it.

Because to my son, they are.

And quite frankly, if Landon were to walk up to me with a bouquet of roses, I don't know that I'd appreciate it as much as his little fingers carefully picking out the perfect dandelion for his mamma. He walks over, with dirt under his fingernails from playing outside, grass stains on the knees of his jeans, and the perfectly plucked dandelion held gently between his little fingers. He watches the flower as he runs toward me, careful to protect it. Because it's important to him to give it to me.

And I treasure them.

Because it's not really about the flower.

To my boy, that is the prettiest thing he can find, and when he sees them, he thinks of me. My son, in his humble and noble effort to be kind, gave it to me with the purpose of making me happy.

Sometimes, our "best" doesn't look quite as beautiful as the next person's "best". Sometimes, we offer up our "dandelions" while it seems that the people around us are carrying bouquets of roses.

Sometimes, we see a dandelion and we think: Average. Lacking creativity. One among too many to be important. A nuisance. 
But someone else might see that dandelion and think: Lovely. Bright. Endearing. Brings happiness. Worthy of protecting. Something to treasure. Meaningful.

Who's to say who is right?

One day, he'll stop picking them for me. And I will miss it. But I will remember what that dandelion signifies to me.

That I might not always look, be or amount to what I want to. I might feel average, lacking, one among too many to be important, or a nuisance. 
But I can still choose to be lovely, bright, endearing, happy, be worthy of protecting, treasured. I can still choose to mean something. 

And for the rest of my life, whenever I see a dandelion, I'll think of them as less of a nuisance. I'll reminder that to someone, maybe even someone as kind, funny, sweet and gentle as my son, they're the prettiest flower in the world.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Threads

Hey, loves!

Here are a few of the "threads" I've been sporting the last week or so. 

T-shirt c/o: Target, Boyfriend Cardigan c/o: Target, Leggings c/o: Vera Wang, Boots c/o: alloy.com, Watch and bracelts c/o: Kohls, Forever 21 and gifted, Necklace c/o: SexyModest Boutique

Maxi Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Necklace: Gifted, Bracelets: Forever 21, Earrings: Apricot Lane Boutique, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: justfab.com

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Old Navy, Pumps: justfab.com, Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: Charlotte Russe, Bracelets: Vintage and Kohls, Necklace: Vintage,

Give me your ideas, too!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday:Jeans and a T-shirt Edition

Hey, ya'll!
So, what girly-girl doesn't love getting all dolled up??
I know I do.
But I also have an affinity for the trusty ol' T-Shirt and Jeans look.
And I also happen to have a Converse collection of too many to count.
So, Wardrobe Wednesday is starting off with a casual bang!

I love this look because it looks effortless but fun with some gold and few pops of color. Also, I chose big sunglasses because they tie in the footwear and it's a great way to be able to skip out on eye makeup on a busy morning! Switch out the red for antother bold color like kelly green!

I like this next look a lot, too. I'm a huge fan of a good pair of bootcut jeans. They magically look good on so many body types! I also love pairing the more dressy blazer and Steve Madden wedges with a T-shirt and Jeans. Ditch the blazer and go for a cardigan, then add sneakers if you need to dress it down. You can pull out the salmon colored pieces and change them for yellow or even grey!

And this look is so great for one of those days where your hair makes it into a side braid or low bun, and you're running out the door with a million errands. Throw on a hat and sneakers, and you're off. I actually happen to own these orange Converse, and you'd be surprised how many outfits they match! You could even pair this exact same outfit with a blazer and pumps to dress it up for later. 

But, truth be told, we can't always pull our outfits from the infinite possibilities of the internet like I did with the previous 3. So here are a few from different people I've approached and (sometimes awkwardly) photographed this week.

This is Christy. Little did she know that when she walked into my office yesterday (with cupcakes!) that I was going to turn into the paparazzi. But, she's pulling off 'effortless' really well with a casual outfit, and then letting her makeup and gorgeous hair do the rest of it. I'm loving the lavender stripes against her auburn hair.Casual but beautiful. She's for sure pulling it off. Good call, Christy.
Christy's Outfit:
T-shirt c/o: Old Navy, Jeans c/o: BKE, Sandals c/o: Forever 21, Bag c/o: Thanksgiving Point Emporium

This is Katie, who also happens to be my little sister, who will also frequent my blog often as she's been my guinnea pig since she was born. I love the dressy/rocker look and Katie is pulling it off well with her fitted blazer and a band t-shirt. Anybody who knows me knows my weakness for a band t-shirt.... And I taught her well. Home girl paired pearls with rock-and-roll. That's my girl! Patent leather flats are classy but edgy, and make me think of the 80's, in a good way. And apparently we both have good taste because I have those cobalt jeans, too.
Katie's Outfit:
Blazer c/o: Forever 21, T-shirt c/o: Kohls, Jeans c/o: Kohls, Flats c/o: Classified, Pearls: gifted

Suggestions for next week's Wardrobe Wednesday theme?

And, due to being harrassed by a few who won't be named, we'll be trying out Thursday Threads, and I'll showcase a few of my own outfits from that week. 

Let me know what you think! Let me know what you like to read about, don't like, and want more of!

I appreciate all the support with this blog. It's already bringing me so many great opportunities. Thanks for reading, guys! And hit me up with your input!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

*CLOSED* Our First Giveaway!

Alright, everybody. It's time for (drum roll, please) our very first giveaway. This is really awesome, because not only is this our first giveaway, but it's for something I ADORE.

Anybody who spends any significant (or insignificant, quite frankly) amount of time around me knows I have a weakness for all things pretty...

So you can imagine how excited I was when the opportunity came to feature this lovely lady. This was a no-brainer for me.

Everyone, meet Miss Penny Taylor.

Now everyone, meet Penny's online boutique, Lucky Penny Earrings.

Go ahead and snoop around on her boutique's facebook page...or you can just take it from me...they're pretty cute!

Shirt c/o: Kohls-LC by Lauren Conrad, Pants c/o: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, Shoes c/o: Steve Madden, Bracelets c/o: Old Navy, Forever 21, Earrings c/o: Lucky Penny Earrings

A few of the things I love about Penny's boutique is that everything is handmade, she's open to custom orders, and she also offers a guarantee, should there ever be any problems with your earrings needing repairs or replacement beads. Penny is also so great about delivery. If you live even remotely close to her, Penny hand delivers, yes, hand delivers your order to you. Otherwise, she's happy to ship it to you. Contact her via her boutique site on Facebook and send her a message about which earrings you'd like to buy, and you can either pay her at delivery, or via PayPal. It's that easy!!

Penny is not only willing to give away earrings to one of you, but she's also got this whole "everyone a winner" mentality, and for the next week, if you mention my blog while placing an order on Penny's site, you get 10% off of her already really affordable prices. Which is great if you're like me, and a broke joke. 

So, here's how it works, ya'll:

An entry for the Lucky Penny Earrings giveaway (and by the way, I'm looking at the giveaway prize right now, and trust me, you want this) consists of the following:

- You must be a follower of my blog.
- "Share" this post on facebook.
- "Like" Penny's Facebook Boutique 

An additional entry can be made for commenting on my blog about why you'd like these earrings!

The contest will close and a winner will be chosen at random on Friday, April 26th. I will notify you, and you will have 72 hours to claim your prize, or I another winner will be drawn.

Good luck, everybody! Hit me up with questions!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sneak Peek & An Evening In

Hey guys!

I'm really excited for the giveaway that is coming up!! Just two more followers and I'll get to post about something I LOVE, and then I get to give some of it away to you!!

Here's a not-so-subtle hint about the upcoming giveaway which is sponsored by a very talented lady (not myself, but nice of you to think so) named Pennie:

Due to some confusion about "how to follow" (ahem, my little sister, ahem), you just click on the blue button on the right side bar of my blog. It says, "Join This Site". You can also follow by email, and then an email will get kicked over to you whenever I update or post.

Meanwhile, as exciting as the prospective giveaway is, my evening doesn't quite fit the same bill. Buckle up; it's officially (cue the horror music) finals week.

Thus, my evening is consisting of the following:

A futile attempt at picking out an outfit for tomorrow.
A package of Oreos that I intend on doing a LOT of damage to. And I'm not even sorry.
A slew of worksheets, class notes and study aids.
iTunes loving on me with some Alanis Morissette
---and last but not least---
Leopard print pajama pants.

Boys and girls, it's gonna be a long night.

But like Alanis says, "I recommend biting off more than you can chew."

Then again, she also recommends walking around naked in your living room...and I like my leopard print pajamas too much for that business. But if they weren't leopard print...(Kidding, Dad...)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Big Confession

I'll get back on track with Sunday Secret Weapons next week, but for this week, I have a different kind of secret to share with you.

Now, this isn't necessarily easy for me to admit. Not really because I'm ashamed, but more because it's very different than anything I've previously stood for. And I know that it will be a shock to a lot of you, especially those of you who know me well.

I fully understand going into this that I will have supporters and I will have people who feel betrayed and shocked. But the fact of the matter is, I'm an adult and I have the beautiful gift of making my own decisions. You have the beautiful gift of accepting my decisions and loving me anyway, or choosing to be hurt and shocked by my vast change of heart. I hope for the former.

This is a step in a direction that is very different than who I've always been known to be. This particular change in my life is something that I've, to put it frankly, always stood up against. To have a change of heart, I understand, will be troubling for some. Hopefully though, those closest to me will know that I, as a person, have not changed. But this is a choice I have made that I feel will be best for me.

This is not something that I choose to do all the time. Some of the time, I will revert back to my previous ways of functioning, and my actions will look and be the same as they always were. But for the majority of the time, I have chosen to make and accept a big change in my life.

This decision is simple, but changes a lot of things.

I have decided to start drinking Diet Coke. I will also choose to drink Cherry Coke Zero. My time with Dr. Pepper will now be short and minimal. Diet Dr. Pepper is an option that I am open to, but have yet to explore.

There. I said it.

Please, if you chose to judge me for my change of heart, do so quietly. Support is what I need right now, not criticism.

Thanks for listening.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Story and Song Saturday-Throwback Edition

Here's a little throwback for your reading excitement. I first posted this on a family blog back in December of 2010. This is my little Landon around this time, a full year before his sister was born.

Today is my last final of the semester.

I was downstairs studying for said final, and Landon was upstairs playing with his trains in his room.

I heard his little feet scamper across his room. He was laughing incessantly and I could hear the muffled thump thump thump of his little body jumping up and down.

"Mommy! Open! Help! Open, Mommy!" I heard his tiny voice say in between stairs as he half bounced half scooted down the stairs.

"Come down on your tummy!" I reminded him as I got up from where I was sitting to see what he needed.

"Open!" He yelled again.

I assumed the little man found some candy or a package of crackers from his diaper bag that he wanted me to open for him. I made my way across the room to meet him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Pop-pop, Mommy! Pop-pop!" He said referring to his favorite frozen treat. By this time he made it to the bottom of the stairs and took off in a dead run for me.

Pop-pop? I thought. We don't even have any popsicles.

Then he rounded the corner, and so blinded by his excitement, crashed right into my legs.

He sat there on his bum, with a huge smile on his face. With his arm extended as far as it could go, he cried out one more time, "Pop-pop! Open!"

In his chubby hands he held a tampon.


I'm so glad that I wrote some of these things down, because I don't know how I would have remembered these little moments-but I'm so glad that I have them. 

And while you're checking things out, how about a little old school Crossfade, Acoustic style here
You won't regret it. 

Especially you, Dad. Tell me if you like it. And please, listen to the whole song, before you decide!!!


Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Things that Actually Matter

I usually try to keep things light on my blog. Lots of my posts are geared towards clothes or jewelry or the "latest" this and that (or food, but that's a different issue entirely).

I love fashion. I can talk shoes and bags with the best of them. I have a crush on braids and beach waves lately, and I love to talk about nail polish. I love fashion magazines, and men like Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Vince Camuto and Stuart Weitzman have my heart. And I'd consider selling my soul for Chanel earrings.

But honestly?

That crap doesn't mean a thing.

In light of a lot of recent tragedies around the country, a few broken hearts close to home, and the innocence lost in the eyes of not only my children, but so many others around the world because of senseless acts of hate, I think it's time to make another list.

This list will be different than my usual lists.

It's time to talk about what really matters.

1. People
This is my family:

My children are the greatest blessing in my life. I worry about them incessantly.
This is my handsome Landon-boy:

Landon is good and kind. Those are traits I admire in him so much. I want to keep him safe and also teach him to be strong. I want him to understand what strength there is in being gentle towards his mommy and sister, and also how to protect and watch over people smaller than him.
When we walk across the street, he holds my hand and tells me "Watch for cars mom. I'll protect you." When we are walking through snow, he tells me, "Walk in my footprints, mommy." He is full of "I love you"'s and "You're the best, mom!" When I ask him to do his chores, he responds with, "You got it, mom!"

This is my beautiful Ellie-girl:

She is strong and lovely, all at once. I hold her and she touches my earrings so softly and says, "Oooh, pretty mamma." She is smart! She's 18 months old, but she knows that as soon as pajamas go on, it's time to brush "teef". I want to teach her the difference between confidence and arrogance. I want to teach her that she is beautiful, and it's okay to know you're beautiful. I want her to know that pretending to be dumb for attention is never pretty, that grace is more than just the way you move, but it is a part of character. I want to teach her that being a woman is an honor. That it's okay to dress up, wear gorgeous clothes, have fun with her makeup and get bit by the shopping bug every once in a while--but that she ought to feel just as beautiful in her pajamas with a clean face. Because she's pretty because of who she is, not what she wears. That stuff...? That's just for fun.

Aside from just my children, children in general are growing up too quickly. A nine year old can buy a padded bra, for hell's sake. There are groups that teach, from the time they're big enough to hold a gun, how to kill. Let's slow it down, yes? They'll never get those times back where it's okay to be just a kid. I have big issues with adults who allow children to be around and deal with adult issues. Sure, sometimes it can't be avoided. But when it can, let's remember: children are not tools. Children are not pawns. Children are not adults. Children are children. It's very simple.

And I'm blessed, because my friends are many. Some of my very best friends in the world are my family. Some I rarely see. Some I work with every day. But my friends are important to me. I know that if I can show my kids how to be good friends, they'll make good choices when it comes to picking their friends...

2. Honesty
It's so hard to tell the truth sometimes. Trust me, I know. But one thing I have learned is that the truth always comes out. Own it. Accept it. Learn from it. Be better for it. You can run from the truth, yes. But the truth will always catch up with you, and outrun you. You will never win, and you will never beat it. Just.Tell.The.Truth.

The hard part of this comes in when you're not sure what is your place to tell, and what isn't. I understand what a personal moral compass is, and that sometimes, when you know things, telling others about them in the name of honesty is really just stirring the pot and gossiping with a mask of integrity on. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not play that game.

3. Kindness
I want to teach my children to be kind. I want to learn to walk that fine, almost invisible line between strength and unkindness. We live in a world where it's hard to be considered strong or independent without being considered rude. I will own that I am often at fault for this. I say what I think, and I have stuck my foot in my mouth more times than I care to count.
But I also have an issue, when people mistake kindness for a lack of strength. Just because someone doesn't always have the heart to talk back, doesn't mean that they don't have a brain. Just a thought.

4. Tolerance
Tolerance matters. My children are going to encounter people around them, all the time, who are different. They live differently. They talk differently. They look differently. They believe differently. Being able to tolerate them for that makes you a good person. But I believe that being able to love them for that makes you a great person.

5. Learning
I'm not talking about just in school, although I know that my education and my degree will benefit me and get me places. But I'm talking about culture, and art, and books, and music, and other kinds of people, and other kinds of beliefs, and other kids of everything. The only things I plan on taking with me when I die are my family and what's in my brain. I want my children to be able to recognize a painting, reference a novel, understand a song, etc.-not just because it's famous or beautiful or interesting, but because God gave someone the talent to do that, and appreciating what someone else is good at won't take away from the talents that we have. As a society, there seems to be a hesitance to appreciate what others can do, for fear of lessening our own value. And art, literature, music-those aren't the only things by which to measure levels of learning. I want my kids to be able to change a tire, take care of a garden (I may or may not watch from the sidelines. Kidding. Okay, not kidding.), know how to properly scrub a bathtub, load the dishwasher, and learn what manners are...

All of the "things" that I love are just little things that make me happy. I look down at bright pink fingernail polish, and I smile. I buy new shoes, and I have fun and feel confident the next day. You get my point. But when it comes down to basics, that stuff is just for fun.

So when I post, and talk, and rave about how much I love something that is, well, trivial. Remember this: I know the difference. And I pray that my children will, too.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

8 and Lotsa Pictures

I don't really believe in "signs".


In honor of having 888 page views on this here blog today,
And today being April the 18th,
And the 88% I got on my quiz,
And the fact that the 8th song on shuffle today was this (and I adore Parachute):

I decided I'd take a hint. The number of the day is officially 8.
So, to celebrate (at the suggestion of a genius friend when I was stumped at how to celebrate my day of 8), here are 8 random things that I love, 8 random things I hate, and 8 random things I'm going to try!
Which actually equals 24. But whatever.
1. Cereal. I LOVE cereal. I'm notorious for having a box of cereal with me and just eating it right out of the box. Some favs:

2. Flowers. Sometimes, I buy a bouquet of flowers just because they're pretty. I keep flowers in my office (with Kenzie), and I love having them in the middle of my kitchen table. Do I want to plant them? No. Don't get crazy, now. My favorite are white roses or pink peonies.

But I'm not a diva. I'll take a carnation!!
3. Piano. If a song has a good piano in it, I'm sold.
This one, this one, this one, and this one.
4. BBQ Chicken Pizza from Pier 49.
Sans the onions, thankyouverymuch.
5. Grilled Cheese. Because I'm 5 years old.
6. Vincent van Gogh. I stare at this all day. It's above my computer in my office.
7. Dave Grohl in "The Pretender" music video.

8. I'm head over heels in love with these two stinkers. I'm biased, I know. But they're the best kids in the world. I'm so lucky that they're mine and I'm so proud of them. Landon is sweet. He has a good heart, he feels so bad when he makes a mistake, and he's such a mamma's boy. He walks up to me probably 20 times a day and kisses my hands and says "I love you, mommy!" He always tells me and Ellie that he's going to "protect us all day", and he adores his baby sister. Ellie is strong willed and hilarious. She is sassy, but I like it. She is only 18 months old, but she's already a spitfire. She's beautiful and funny, and I can already tell she's going to grow up to have a good, strong head on her shoulders.

1. Pickles. And yes, I've tried them.
2. When my kids get hurt or sad.
Alright, but sometimes, it's funny when they're mad.

3. Disappointment
4. Sushi
5. When I get embarrassed and blush. So then I'm more embarrassed because I'm blushing. Not a good look for me.
6. When I know that I hurt someone's feelings. I get sick over it. Worst.feeling.ever.
7. That feeling when I yell at my kids and they didn't deserve it. Ugh. I can't think of anything worse than that.
8. When people waste my time. Maybe with this on my wrist I wouldn't hate looking down at my watch every 5 minutes that my time is being wasted. I'm just being optimistic...
(Kelly, we just discussed Michael Kors. Are your endorphins spiking?? Mine are...)
Want to Try:
1. Everyone is loving BB Cream. What the hell is it?!?!
2. I'm considering this whole "exercise" thing. Normally, I don't believe in exercise because mostly I'm lazy. But maybe there is something to it... Eh, probably not. Well, these are cute. If I wore these, I might consider it...
Eh, probably not.
3. Flats three times a week. See, I have a mad fear of bunions. They scare me, they would take away my shoe free agency, and I'm so scared that when I grow up (I'm not grown up yet), I'll get bunions because I wear heels every day. The thought literally gives me anxiety. So I'm taking preventative precautions. You laugh, but seriously, it can happen. I read an article about it in InStyle. And you know magazines never lie.
I mean, a red Steve Madden is a red Steve Madden is a red Steve Madden...right??

4. The  new cranberry RedBull. I've heard great things, people.
5. Butter Toffee Almonds. Yep, that's a thing.
6. Touch an elephant. Or even ride one. I love them. If I talk about them, I get all weepy and it's embarrassing. Refer to "Hate" number 5. So we're gonna leave it at that.
7. I REALLY want a tattoo. My dad would kill me! haha!
8. Publish something. I really want to have something published. I'm not one for writing a novel. That's not really my style. But one day, I'll have a syndicated column or something, and you'll see! You'll all see!!
Which reminds me of that clip from 30 Rock. Hahahahaha.
Tell me what else I should try! I'm feeling a bucket list coming on, people. This is a big deal.