Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Secret Weapons-BUSY

This week has been a wild ride for me. It's a combination of school, finals, work, the kids, housework, family stuff, and all the other odds and ends that fill the gaps. That being said, Sunday snuck up on me. And before I knew it, it was 11:45 on Sunday night!

So, in light of my busy schedule, I thought to myself, "Self, how about we do a Sunday Secret Weapons: Too Busy To Function edition?"

And I told myself, "Self, that's a good idea you've got there."

The truth is, we spend so much of our time being "busy". I want to focus more on just smelling the roses. I would like to notice the little things, or stop to just play on the floor with the kids. These things happen from time to time, but they're far more rare than I'd like. And so, here are a few of the things I do, to cut just a few corners. Even if it only saves me ten minutes, that is prime coloring time with the babes.

So, *ahem*. Here are some of my secret weapons to combat my days when I'm so busy, that I literally don't have time to stop and put gas in my car! (This has happened. Repeatedly.)

1. Who has time to wash their hair?
Okay, first of all, I try to just wash my hair twice a week anyway. Gross? No. Every girl knows it's better for your hair if you only wash once or twice a week. Otherwise, your scalp overcompensates and produces too much oil. And THAT would be gross. So, my secret weapon for when I don't have time to wash my hair is:

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo
This stuff is awesome, and dirt cheap. I've gone through like 6 bottles since I discovered it. Dry shampoo can make your hair feel like straw, but this is amazing. Try it. You'll be hooked. It's like $3 at the drugstore.

2. Sorry, kids. I don't have time to make you breakfast.
Four words: Mini boxes of Cheerios.
When the mornings are rushed and we're lucky to get out the door on time as it is, these are life savers.  Yes, everyone. I know it's cheaper to just put cereal in a baggy. But I give them juice in washable water bottles, so bite me. I'm doing my part for the environment. Blah, blah. Anyway, the novelty of these are good because my kids are excited enough about them that it's fun for them to eat them in the car on our way to wherever we need to be in the mornings. Saves me a good 20 minutes!

3. If I don't have time to wash my hair, what makes you think I have time to actually STYLE it?
Boys and girls, enter: The French Braid.

So fast. Keeps it out of my face. And if you have the right outfit, you won't look like a polygamist. (No offense, if you're into that kinda judgement. Except I do judge your long socks with running shoes and dresses and I'm trying to be better and you're still beautiful and it's okay because you just gotta be you! Baby steps.)

Right now, I'm loving these:

And one of them will most likely happen tomorrow since I'm always running late-too late to actually do my hair...

4. I'm an insomniac, plus with so much to do, how can I waste time SLEEPING!?

Alright, that's stupid. I love sleeping. But I just can't sometimes. So.

Drink a lot of water. Really, though. It helps a lot.
Take vitamins.
And most importantly:
Always have a Rockstar on hand. With a straw.

5. Decisions take too long.
I struggle with deciding on clothes. This seems dumb and "duh", but one of my BIGGEST time savers is to pick out mine and my kids' clothes the night before. Landon is so used to it, he does it himself before bed.

6. Just say no.
We're busy. All of us. (Well most of us.) And I don't have time to go out and do all the things I want to with all of the people I want to see. And trying to fit everything in leaves me overwhelmed and my kids missing quality time with me. So, I say "no", a lot. No, I can't meet up. No, I can't do dinner. No, I can't stop by. No, I'm not home. No, you can't come visit. No, we can't get together.
I know I've hurt a few feelings, but busy lives really outline your priorities...any spare time I happen to find is already spoken for. They belong to my two little loves. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

7. Ask.
There's no shame in needing help. Especially when it comes to kids. It takes a village, and I've been blessed with an amazing village. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends, etc. Things can get really crazy, but as long as I always keep my focus on what really matters the very most, then I know that I'll be okay.

So, there ya have it. A few of my secret weapons for when times get busy!!! The more organized I stay, the less I'm likely to lose my mind. Whether its new babies, finals, a hectic job, little kids, a big event, etc., the trick is, plan ahead, cut corners when you can, and simplify.

And if none of this mattered to anyone, then whatever. It's all I had time for. Really. I'm blogging on my phone in the bathtub for hell's sake. Which should be #8. Multitasking.....


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Krisha Deaver said...

All great suggestions, with characteristic cheer and sass.

I'm trusting I'll love the Suave. I saw it once, haven't seen it again, but have tried a zillion other kinds. Happy to hunt down your recommendation because I've still been searching.

Maybe don't drink the Rockstar after 5pm to help with the insomnia? Just thinkin' . . .