Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*CLOSED* Giveaway: The Busy Biddy Boutique

I have a lot of weaknesses.
Some of them are good weaknesses, though.
Like my weakness for Boutiques.

And The Busy Biddy Boutique in Orem, Utah is no exception, my friends.

The second I walked in, it smelled amazing. I was greeted cheerfully by the shop owner, and semi browsed, semi eavesdropped on her conversations with other customers. I listened in as she complimented other shoppers, asked the "regulars" about their families, and gave away rock candy suckers to a little boy who was admittedly ready to go, but was patiently waiting for his mom to finish looking around.

From every possible hook hung an outfit, and from every shelf sat delicate perfume or adorable decor. Counters were lined with jewelry and charms, and treats were visible here and there.

The old home turned boutique is jam packed, in a good way, with treasures. I spoke with the shop owner, Janet, and learned they've been in business for nine years, and she didn't have to tell me she loved her job. It's written all over her face.

She seemed to know every customer by name, and each purchase was perfectly wrapped up. It's not lost on Janet that presentation is everything.

This necklace has two charms. One with an "L" for Landon and another with an "A" for Adelle (Ellie). I adore having my kids' initials around my neck. The only hard part was choosing which charms I wanted!! Janet wrapped it happily for me as I chatted with her about her shop, my blog and our shared loves for all things pretty.

Directly from The Busy Biddy itself is our next beautiful giveaway.
I'm jealous of the winner who will have soft, lovely smelling, sparkling hands with this divine hand cream and adorable ring. (I had my eye on this lotion at Anthropology not too long ago, and trust me, it smells amazing!)

The rules for the giveaway are simple, but you have to complete both steps!!!
- Comment on my blog (and make sure you're a follower)!
- "Like" The Busy Biddy's Facebook page.

An additional entry can be made for "sharing" this post on Facebook, but only if the first two steps are already completed.

The contest will close on Friday, May 3rd. I will notify the winner and you will have 72 hours to claim your (adorable) prize! I'll deliver or ship it to you, if you live far away from me.

Have fun!



Pamela Hall said...

I love that ring! I am also a big sucker for pretty smelly lotions. :)

Sarah Welch said...

Love the ring, and lover of all things that smell delish!

Ester said...

I have this "thing" for boutiques as well, Lyss. They make me ALMOST as happy as Disneyland does. Seriously. LOVE. There is one down in American Fork/Highland area that I need to take you to. INCREDIBLE. I also heart the lotion-(and we both know how I feel about rings).

Lori Whicker said...

I landed upon this blog because Ester shared it on facebook, so you can thank her for that :) I always love new blogs! Sounds like such a fun boutique - and a wonderful giveaway as well ;)

Krisha Deaver said...

Fabulous, Lyss! Thanks for sharing!

Josh and Makenzie Phillips said...

Guess what?

Josh and Makenzie Phillips said...

I get to enter twice.

Christy said...

I want to be entered :) Love jewelery. Love lotion. Love giveaways.