Thursday, April 18, 2013

8 and Lotsa Pictures

I don't really believe in "signs".


In honor of having 888 page views on this here blog today,
And today being April the 18th,
And the 88% I got on my quiz,
And the fact that the 8th song on shuffle today was this (and I adore Parachute):

I decided I'd take a hint. The number of the day is officially 8.
So, to celebrate (at the suggestion of a genius friend when I was stumped at how to celebrate my day of 8), here are 8 random things that I love, 8 random things I hate, and 8 random things I'm going to try!
Which actually equals 24. But whatever.
1. Cereal. I LOVE cereal. I'm notorious for having a box of cereal with me and just eating it right out of the box. Some favs:

2. Flowers. Sometimes, I buy a bouquet of flowers just because they're pretty. I keep flowers in my office (with Kenzie), and I love having them in the middle of my kitchen table. Do I want to plant them? No. Don't get crazy, now. My favorite are white roses or pink peonies.

But I'm not a diva. I'll take a carnation!!
3. Piano. If a song has a good piano in it, I'm sold.
This one, this one, this one, and this one.
4. BBQ Chicken Pizza from Pier 49.
Sans the onions, thankyouverymuch.
5. Grilled Cheese. Because I'm 5 years old.
6. Vincent van Gogh. I stare at this all day. It's above my computer in my office.
7. Dave Grohl in "The Pretender" music video.

8. I'm head over heels in love with these two stinkers. I'm biased, I know. But they're the best kids in the world. I'm so lucky that they're mine and I'm so proud of them. Landon is sweet. He has a good heart, he feels so bad when he makes a mistake, and he's such a mamma's boy. He walks up to me probably 20 times a day and kisses my hands and says "I love you, mommy!" He always tells me and Ellie that he's going to "protect us all day", and he adores his baby sister. Ellie is strong willed and hilarious. She is sassy, but I like it. She is only 18 months old, but she's already a spitfire. She's beautiful and funny, and I can already tell she's going to grow up to have a good, strong head on her shoulders.

1. Pickles. And yes, I've tried them.
2. When my kids get hurt or sad.
Alright, but sometimes, it's funny when they're mad.

3. Disappointment
4. Sushi
5. When I get embarrassed and blush. So then I'm more embarrassed because I'm blushing. Not a good look for me.
6. When I know that I hurt someone's feelings. I get sick over it. Worst.feeling.ever.
7. That feeling when I yell at my kids and they didn't deserve it. Ugh. I can't think of anything worse than that.
8. When people waste my time. Maybe with this on my wrist I wouldn't hate looking down at my watch every 5 minutes that my time is being wasted. I'm just being optimistic...
(Kelly, we just discussed Michael Kors. Are your endorphins spiking?? Mine are...)
Want to Try:
1. Everyone is loving BB Cream. What the hell is it?!?!
2. I'm considering this whole "exercise" thing. Normally, I don't believe in exercise because mostly I'm lazy. But maybe there is something to it... Eh, probably not. Well, these are cute. If I wore these, I might consider it...
Eh, probably not.
3. Flats three times a week. See, I have a mad fear of bunions. They scare me, they would take away my shoe free agency, and I'm so scared that when I grow up (I'm not grown up yet), I'll get bunions because I wear heels every day. The thought literally gives me anxiety. So I'm taking preventative precautions. You laugh, but seriously, it can happen. I read an article about it in InStyle. And you know magazines never lie.
I mean, a red Steve Madden is a red Steve Madden is a red Steve Madden...right??

4. The  new cranberry RedBull. I've heard great things, people.
5. Butter Toffee Almonds. Yep, that's a thing.
6. Touch an elephant. Or even ride one. I love them. If I talk about them, I get all weepy and it's embarrassing. Refer to "Hate" number 5. So we're gonna leave it at that.
7. I REALLY want a tattoo. My dad would kill me! haha!
8. Publish something. I really want to have something published. I'm not one for writing a novel. That's not really my style. But one day, I'll have a syndicated column or something, and you'll see! You'll all see!!
Which reminds me of that clip from 30 Rock. Hahahahaha.
Tell me what else I should try! I'm feeling a bucket list coming on, people. This is a big deal.


Becs said...

Lyss. Sometimes reading your blog makes my heart beat really fast because we are the same exact person and I just want to talk to you about it all day.

We may have already established that before, but this affirms things even more. Except, I love pickles and eat them all day. That we are not the same on.

Also, I can't wear heels because my man is short and I don't like being taller than men. It makes me uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. I love your blog.

Lyss Hall said...

You're a doll!