Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Big Confession

I'll get back on track with Sunday Secret Weapons next week, but for this week, I have a different kind of secret to share with you.

Now, this isn't necessarily easy for me to admit. Not really because I'm ashamed, but more because it's very different than anything I've previously stood for. And I know that it will be a shock to a lot of you, especially those of you who know me well.

I fully understand going into this that I will have supporters and I will have people who feel betrayed and shocked. But the fact of the matter is, I'm an adult and I have the beautiful gift of making my own decisions. You have the beautiful gift of accepting my decisions and loving me anyway, or choosing to be hurt and shocked by my vast change of heart. I hope for the former.

This is a step in a direction that is very different than who I've always been known to be. This particular change in my life is something that I've, to put it frankly, always stood up against. To have a change of heart, I understand, will be troubling for some. Hopefully though, those closest to me will know that I, as a person, have not changed. But this is a choice I have made that I feel will be best for me.

This is not something that I choose to do all the time. Some of the time, I will revert back to my previous ways of functioning, and my actions will look and be the same as they always were. But for the majority of the time, I have chosen to make and accept a big change in my life.

This decision is simple, but changes a lot of things.

I have decided to start drinking Diet Coke. I will also choose to drink Cherry Coke Zero. My time with Dr. Pepper will now be short and minimal. Diet Dr. Pepper is an option that I am open to, but have yet to explore.

There. I said it.

Please, if you chose to judge me for my change of heart, do so quietly. Support is what I need right now, not criticism.

Thanks for listening.



Pamela Hall said...

What prompted this change? I parted ways with Diet Coke in November, sometimes I miss it. I now have an amazing love affair going on with water though so I am happy.

Trisha said...

Oh my heck! Gullible me thought you were changing your religious beliefs or something! Sigh of relief. So much better than diet Pepsi in my opinion:)