Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seven Confessions From Yours Truly

In honor of my post yesterday about being myself, owning it, and loving it, I have a few confessions to make.

Some of you may or may not know these things about me already.

If you do, cool. If you don't, ya learn something new everyday.


1. I hate board games. I always feel bad whenever people want to get together for game night. I smile, nod, and say, "Oh that would be fun". In my head, I'm thinking, "I'll be bored as hell, and I'd rather clean the hair out of the drain of my bathtub." Okay, that wasn't entirely true. I don't usually nod and smile. Usually, I just say I hate that crap. Actually, I could live with scrabble. But don't push it.

2. I hate bathroom talkers. If I HAVE to use a public bathroom, and someone else is in there, DON'T TALK TO ME. It's awkward enough that I can hear you pee. I don't need you to talk to me and draw attention to the fact that we're both peeing at the same time, within ear shot. It's not okay. Pretend I don't exist, I'll pretend you don't exist, we'll finish our business, and be friends again when my pants are on, thankyouverymuch.

3. I have a fear of being unprepared. Case in point: I carry a mini first aid kit in my purse, a mini deodorant, a plethora of combs, bobby pins, etc., and more lipgloss than a normal person should be able to fit in a small Chanel clutch. You look at me funny when I walk in with my suitcase sized purse. But when you need a band aid, you'll change your mind.

4. I'm OCD. Like, really. I was diagnosed, but it wasn't a surprise. I'm not the kind of OCD in the movies where people have to have everything perfectly clean all the time, (although a mess does give me anxiety). Explaining my type of OCD is a different blog post entirely. But, whatever.

5. I have a swearing problem. I'm currently not working on it. But I'll probably have some sort of goal in the future that I'll fail at miserably, because swearing is bad...

6. I'm in love with photo booths. I just can't resist them. If I pass one, I just want to grab the closest cute person and take pictures. I love them. Eh, I'll take an ugly person in there with me, too. They'll make me look better. Sucka.

7. When I find something I like, I feel like I need to own several. Several in the original color I bought it in, several in all other available colors, etc. For example, boots. I need black, brown, taupe and grey in flat, wedge, heel, and riding. Or, V-neck T shirts. I have like 3 in every color that they sell. They're the same shirt. But I need back ups. What if I lose one? What if it gets a stain? What if Target stops making that style? What the hell would I do? How would I go on?? (Refer to Confession #4).

And, here's a little diddy that made me laugh today (Because it's how I feel, and I'm probably gonna do it):



Josh and Makenzie Phillips said...

So glad we decided not to host game night....

Lyss Hall said...

I would have shown up, Makenzie, my love. But I would have been grumblin'.