Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hi, loves. This week, I've been a bit MIA. I blame finals. And this week is finals as well. So just take what you can get, yeah?

So, today I'll be posting a Sunday Secret Weapons, but there are much more important things to talk about first and foremost.

When I was little, we moved to California and lived in a small town called Hilmar. One of the cities close to Hilmar was Turlock, and that's where our church was. At church, my mom made friends with Heather, and Heather's daughter, Kelly, was my age. Fast friends. (Think: Lots of mischief.)

So, from the time that I was about three years old, this beauty has been my wingwoman, and visa versa.

Here I am at Heather's house when I lost my first tooth. I know, you're jealous of that gorgeous Loony Toon's dress...

And all these years later, still friends through so much (much more than I care to share, really...), my girl married the man of her dreams.

So, here's to a few things. Here's to hosing down random men on their bikes. Here's to running away (on multiple occasions). Here's to escaping the orphanage. Here's to throwing things over the fence as a hate crime. Here's to the time you stole all the boxes when I had to move. Here's to that water leak in my ceiling. Here's to chicken cutlets. Here's to the Del Taco in Modesto where our mothers lost their minds. Here's to My Little Pony, making lotion potions, and birthday parties. Here's to you nursing me through my pregnancies and helping me with my brand new babies. Here's to late night Dr. Pepper runs and gossiping. Here's to our mutual love for magazines, Target, Dr. Pepper, Michael Kors, animal print and that awful lady at that shoe store that one time ("I'm a person, too!")

 Mostly, though, here's to you and Cam and the rest of your lives. I love you, Kelly Nicole! Always have, (well....usually) and always will. 


Side note: How gorgeous is her dress? She had it custom designed, and it fits her like a glove. I've never seen anyone look so lovely. She was gracious (in public-haha), lovely, beautiful and glowing. 

And she picked out mine, too. It's Max Studio, and I have a huge crush on these dresses, too (especially the first one. I'm in love with the 20's Jersey Dress. Makes me think of Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises. Think: Lady Brett Ashley):

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