Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday:Jeans and a T-shirt Edition

Hey, ya'll!
So, what girly-girl doesn't love getting all dolled up??
I know I do.
But I also have an affinity for the trusty ol' T-Shirt and Jeans look.
And I also happen to have a Converse collection of too many to count.
So, Wardrobe Wednesday is starting off with a casual bang!

I love this look because it looks effortless but fun with some gold and few pops of color. Also, I chose big sunglasses because they tie in the footwear and it's a great way to be able to skip out on eye makeup on a busy morning! Switch out the red for antother bold color like kelly green!

I like this next look a lot, too. I'm a huge fan of a good pair of bootcut jeans. They magically look good on so many body types! I also love pairing the more dressy blazer and Steve Madden wedges with a T-shirt and Jeans. Ditch the blazer and go for a cardigan, then add sneakers if you need to dress it down. You can pull out the salmon colored pieces and change them for yellow or even grey!

And this look is so great for one of those days where your hair makes it into a side braid or low bun, and you're running out the door with a million errands. Throw on a hat and sneakers, and you're off. I actually happen to own these orange Converse, and you'd be surprised how many outfits they match! You could even pair this exact same outfit with a blazer and pumps to dress it up for later. 

But, truth be told, we can't always pull our outfits from the infinite possibilities of the internet like I did with the previous 3. So here are a few from different people I've approached and (sometimes awkwardly) photographed this week.

This is Christy. Little did she know that when she walked into my office yesterday (with cupcakes!) that I was going to turn into the paparazzi. But, she's pulling off 'effortless' really well with a casual outfit, and then letting her makeup and gorgeous hair do the rest of it. I'm loving the lavender stripes against her auburn hair.Casual but beautiful. She's for sure pulling it off. Good call, Christy.
Christy's Outfit:
T-shirt c/o: Old Navy, Jeans c/o: BKE, Sandals c/o: Forever 21, Bag c/o: Thanksgiving Point Emporium

This is Katie, who also happens to be my little sister, who will also frequent my blog often as she's been my guinnea pig since she was born. I love the dressy/rocker look and Katie is pulling it off well with her fitted blazer and a band t-shirt. Anybody who knows me knows my weakness for a band t-shirt.... And I taught her well. Home girl paired pearls with rock-and-roll. That's my girl! Patent leather flats are classy but edgy, and make me think of the 80's, in a good way. And apparently we both have good taste because I have those cobalt jeans, too.
Katie's Outfit:
Blazer c/o: Forever 21, T-shirt c/o: Kohls, Jeans c/o: Kohls, Flats c/o: Classified, Pearls: gifted

Suggestions for next week's Wardrobe Wednesday theme?

And, due to being harrassed by a few who won't be named, we'll be trying out Thursday Threads, and I'll showcase a few of my own outfits from that week. 

Let me know what you think! Let me know what you like to read about, don't like, and want more of!

I appreciate all the support with this blog. It's already bringing me so many great opportunities. Thanks for reading, guys! And hit me up with your input!


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