Saturday, April 20, 2013

Story and Song Saturday-Throwback Edition

Here's a little throwback for your reading excitement. I first posted this on a family blog back in December of 2010. This is my little Landon around this time, a full year before his sister was born.

Today is my last final of the semester.

I was downstairs studying for said final, and Landon was upstairs playing with his trains in his room.

I heard his little feet scamper across his room. He was laughing incessantly and I could hear the muffled thump thump thump of his little body jumping up and down.

"Mommy! Open! Help! Open, Mommy!" I heard his tiny voice say in between stairs as he half bounced half scooted down the stairs.

"Come down on your tummy!" I reminded him as I got up from where I was sitting to see what he needed.

"Open!" He yelled again.

I assumed the little man found some candy or a package of crackers from his diaper bag that he wanted me to open for him. I made my way across the room to meet him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Pop-pop, Mommy! Pop-pop!" He said referring to his favorite frozen treat. By this time he made it to the bottom of the stairs and took off in a dead run for me.

Pop-pop? I thought. We don't even have any popsicles.

Then he rounded the corner, and so blinded by his excitement, crashed right into my legs.

He sat there on his bum, with a huge smile on his face. With his arm extended as far as it could go, he cried out one more time, "Pop-pop! Open!"

In his chubby hands he held a tampon.


I'm so glad that I wrote some of these things down, because I don't know how I would have remembered these little moments-but I'm so glad that I have them. 

And while you're checking things out, how about a little old school Crossfade, Acoustic style here
You won't regret it. 

Especially you, Dad. Tell me if you like it. And please, listen to the whole song, before you decide!!!


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