Monday, April 22, 2013

Sneak Peek & An Evening In

Hey guys!

I'm really excited for the giveaway that is coming up!! Just two more followers and I'll get to post about something I LOVE, and then I get to give some of it away to you!!

Here's a not-so-subtle hint about the upcoming giveaway which is sponsored by a very talented lady (not myself, but nice of you to think so) named Pennie:

Due to some confusion about "how to follow" (ahem, my little sister, ahem), you just click on the blue button on the right side bar of my blog. It says, "Join This Site". You can also follow by email, and then an email will get kicked over to you whenever I update or post.

Meanwhile, as exciting as the prospective giveaway is, my evening doesn't quite fit the same bill. Buckle up; it's officially (cue the horror music) finals week.

Thus, my evening is consisting of the following:

A futile attempt at picking out an outfit for tomorrow.
A package of Oreos that I intend on doing a LOT of damage to. And I'm not even sorry.
A slew of worksheets, class notes and study aids.
iTunes loving on me with some Alanis Morissette
---and last but not least---
Leopard print pajama pants.

Boys and girls, it's gonna be a long night.

But like Alanis says, "I recommend biting off more than you can chew."

Then again, she also recommends walking around naked in your living room...and I like my leopard print pajamas too much for that business. But if they weren't leopard print...(Kidding, Dad...)


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