Monday, April 1, 2013

Mundane Monday

The Bangles almost had it right in their tribute to the beginning of our average work week. But instead of Manic Monday, today was more of a Mundane Monday. Today was blah. I felt blah. Everything looked blah. And although they have a great name (any band giving tribute to an accessory is cool in my book), and although their song mentions Valentino (here is one of my favorites from-correct me if I'm wrong-the fall 2012 line), it still didn't cheer me up.

I was bumming out today. Big time. But then, I thought to myself:

So, I got an orange Rockstar (with a straw, of course), and hit the ground running. In pink stiletto's, naturally...These ones, to be exact. And I realized that with my Barbie shoes on, and my Rockstar in tow, I could take on this day.

Shoes c/o: $54.95 "Juanita" in Salmon
(But I got them for $39.95)

So, if you need cheering up, take a listen. This version is cooler than The Bangles, anyway.

And if that still doesn't cheer you up, check out Valentino's Rockstud line for this collection:

Here is one of my favorites:

I'm adoring it. From afar. I'm a poor college student.
Which reminds me, I have homework and editing to do. And babies who need baths, loves, stories and snuggles. And I'll do it all again tomorrow. With an orange Rockstar (with a straw), a great song, and stilettos. Or maybe wedges. Wait, it's going to rain tomorrow. Maybe boots?

I'll be sure to let you know. ;)


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