Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Perfect Dress

Let me just start off by telling you about this quest I've been on. So, I've been trying to find me a dress. One that is long enough for my 5'9" self, one that hugs the right places but forgives all the other places, and one that still has some edge.

I love fashion (um, duh) and though I might be considered a risky dresser in terms of style and risks I'll take with patterns, I'm also a very conservative dresser by most standards. I'm a mom of two and I'm constantly chasing someone around, bending down or bending over to pick things up or pick a child up, and running here or there to run errands. I also work in an office where I need to be professional and make sure not to show too much skin. Thus, I need sleeves, length and coverage but I absolutely refuse to be frumpy or out of date.

I have been struggling to find some dresses to work with this dilemma for quite a while. I just wanted a piece that I didn't have to add a cardigan or blazer to, that I could wear as is, or dress up with layers if I chose, but not by necessity! This is not an easy task. Not easy at all. But I was up for the challenge and determined, so I kept going. Carry on, soldier.

{{Enter beams of light and angels singing.}}

And then, I found it.

I had been to SexyModest Boutique several times and purchased a few pieces from time to time over the years, but this was the first time that I had ever visited their online selections. They have a website and while perusing their adorable pieces, I found this dress. Not just a dress but the dress. It came in two colors, and I chose the taupe and black striped one. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and due to the affordable price tag I felt like it was worth the risk of purchasing it and running that chance we always run that it'll show up on our porch looking nothing like it does online. So!! I ordered it.

I was actually quite surprised at how quickly it arrived in the mail. The next day (after placing my order) I was notified of my shipment being sent out and within just a few days it was on my doorstep! I eagerly opened the package and held up the dress. Admittedly, the fabric seemed thin and I was concerned about undergarments showing through. So I tried it on and was so blown away by it. My only regret is that I don't own this dress in more patterns and colors. Let me break it down for you.

First of all, the light weight of the fabric was no problem at all! In fact, I felt that it gave me more versatile options, as I know I'll be able to get away with wearing it this summer with just wedges or flat sandals, but I can also throw a cardigan or jacket over it and add thick tights if it's especially cold out. I wore black tights and didn't even need a slip, causing me to laugh at my own concern over the weight of the fabric. The ruching of the sides of the dress were a perfect camouflage for any lumps and bumps so I felt like I was able to pull off the sculpted dress without showing every little imperfection. Even my midline where my tights normally cut me off to create that ever so unflattering bulge (that all of us get no matter how many hours of yoga and downward dog we accomplish, because tights just DO that), was completely camouflaged by the combination of the stripes, the material and the ruching on the sides. I honesty feel like this dress would flatter so many shapes and sizes due to the way it's made. I would and will be recommending this dress to my clients in the future, of that I am certain!

Another thing I loved about this dress was the zipper details. I feel like that gave me just enough edge that I could wear it out on the town, or to church on Sunday and not feel out of place in either setting. That's the thing about pieces like this. To be able to have versatility and options is priceless, in my opinion.

That being said, this dress STILL doesn't cost an arm and a leg. SexyModest Boutique is selling this dress for $34.99. As if that isn't great enough they have been gracious enough to offer 10% off to my readers by going to their site using this link:

SexyModest Boutique

and using the code "alyssahall10" at checkout!

And the discount for you, my fine readers, is not just for this dress, though I highly recommend it. That is 10% off your entire order. That means my readers from out of town or out of state don't miss out as this offer is for online purchases. Like I said, you'll be so impressed with the shipping time.

Now, onto styling. I was so impressed with the silhouette and details in the zipper on this dress that I didn't want to overstyle it. Coming from a girl who wasn't blessed with many curves, I was happy to be able to pull this dress off, and like I said, I think it would look great on someone with more curves than me because of the genius ruching on the sides. I decided to wear it with black tights and pointed toe stilettos and very simple jewelry. I added a pop of orchid purple to the lip. Otherwise I felt that this dress really styled itself.

It's the perfect dress and my new go-to.

Dress: C/O SexyModest Boutique; Lace Tights: Target; Pointed Toe Pumps: Charlotte Russe; Bracelet: Old Navy;
Spike Earrings: Express

This dress isn't SexyModest Boutique's only flattering dress in this style or similar styles. Remember you get 10% off your entire order with the link provided, so use that discount to justify your new look, or to justify adding another to your shopping cart. I can tell you, this dress will make you feel like a million bucks, and I can't wait to try more of their dresses to be able to tell you the same thing about other styles! 

Share your purchases with me by tagging me on Instagram so that I can see how beautiful you look! You can follow me on Instagram @alyssalynnhall5. I can't wait to see your choices!


This post is sponsored by SexyModest. As always, all opinions are my own. No opinions have been falsified for purposes of compensation in any way.

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I like the dress and the zipper details, but im not a big fan of the fabric it self