Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Make Your Outfits Work Year Round

One thing I'm always on the hunt for are pieces that can be utilized year round. I hate when I only get a few months of wear out of an item and I'm always trying to find ways to make them work from one season to the next. Who isn't on a budget these days?! We need to make our wardrobes stretch and here are a few looks that are very transitional, but can also be utilized when it's very cold and very hot out! And I'll tell you how!

This first outfit is a good one because it can be used year round very easily. As is, it's great for late Spring or early Fall. 
Top: Kohls, Scarf: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Kohls (Gift from Hubby); Skirt: SexyModest Boutique for $19.99
How To Style For Winter: Throw on a leather jacket and tights (in any color! That's the beauty of this tan/taupe skirt) and you're golden. If it's especially cold or snowy, you could even replace the short boots for taller ones.

How to style for Summer: Replace the scarf with a statement necklace or bracelet and replace the boots with either flats or pumps and you're set for the blistering June/July/August time frame. 

This skirt is from SexyModest Boutique and is one that I realize I reach for time and time again! It's stretchy and comfortable while still coming across in a very put together/dressy way that only comes from a pencil skirt. I even wore this skirt throughout my pregnancy and because it is so stretchy it worked with my growing belly, and it also worked post pregnancy thanks to all those ruffles and ruching. I love it to this day, too and I'm 2.5 years post pregnancy! This is just a great skirt and it comes in more colors than you can imagine! It is a one size skirt and fits my size 7 frame just fine, and I have put clients in it up to a size 14. And like I Don't know how I lived without the sweat pants of pencil skirts! No really, it's that comfortable. (My advice is to wash this in a garment bag so that the stretchy material doesn't snag on anything else you may be washing with it, and lay flat to dry.)

Here is a look at the different colors available in this skirt and another way to style the same one I wear! 
Again, this skirt is only $19.99 and if you use the discount code "alyssahall10" you can get 10% off (OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON THE SITE!). As always, free shipping!

This next outfit is one I just love. I actually wear it all the time and just swap out my accessories for variety. 
Leggings: Agnes and Dora; Jewelry: My Sister's Closet; Pumps: Justfab; Tunic: SexyModest Boutique  

These leggings are by Agnes and Dora and I would highly recommend them!! THEY ARE SO SOFT. The tunic is by SexyModest Boutique  and is one that I reach for all.the.time. The length is perfect for leggings, but not so long that it looks like it could potentially be a dress. I can pair it with skinny jeans, too. I probably wear this top once a week, no lie. I also love that I don't have to wear a camisole or anything like that under it. It's thinner/breathable for the summer months, but I never have to worry about it being too see-through. 
How to Style for Summer: Swap out the pumps for sparkly sandals or flats. You can even add a peachier lip color for the warmer weather! 

How to Style for Winter: Put a denim jacket over the top and trade the pumps for black moto boots. Put a big, wool scarf on for those especially frigid days!

Lastly, this is my favorite outfit of that photoshoot. I was comfortable, I was edgy...I could wear this to dinner with pumps or keep it as is for errands during the day. 
Lace Top and Denim Floral Stud Vest:SexyModest Boutique  
How to Style for Summer: Ditch the jeans for a pair of colored denim shorts (I would go with white or light pink). Wear sandals or keep the converse-up to you! The long sleeves make a summer look interesting but the lace keeps it from making you too hot. However, on one of those especially hot days, trade the lace top for a thick strap or racer back tank or basic tee!

How to Style for Winter: You can always make a look winter-worthy by adding boots, but be unexpected and put a fitted sweatshirt or sweater under the vest! You can also keep the look completely as is, and just add a scarf. The different layers and textures are great, and make the laid back look of the converse and cuffed skinnies an awesome contrast.

Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Converse; Lace Shirt and Vest:SexyModest Boutique  
The top and vest are from SexyModest Boutique and may be two of my favorite pieces from their boutique. As is, this is a great spring look. Here's what I'd do to keep it utilized all year.

Here are a few other ways to style the vest and lace top separately:

A big shout out to Malae Talley for her photography work, and to SexyModest Boutique for sponsoring this post! What do you guys think?! Head on over to the website using the link in this post and use the code "alyssahall10" for your 10% discount on ANYTHING on the site. (That includes the $5 jewelry section--check out that post here.)

Have fun shopping!

Though this post is sponsored by SexyModest Boutique, as usual all opinions are my own and nothing has been falsified for compensation or any other purposes. 

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