Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've probably started, rolled my eyes at, and subsequently deleted about fourteen posts thus far.

I'm about this close to scrapping the idea of posting tonight, and resolving to sitting in bed with a cherry coke and watching make-up tutorials on YouTube.

Pathetic? Yes. Don't you dare judge me.

And that thought it what finally gave me the idea I needed for my post tonight.

We've all (alright, except for my dad) seen the Sex and the City episode where Carrie talks about how sometimes, she just wants to do her own thing, and have her own routines, without feeling judged or having someone think that she's weird or crazy. So she does them alone, and it's fine. She gets her stack of saltine crackers and eats them with jam, one by one while she stands at the counter.

We all have our quirky things that we do just because we do them, and we know that they're probably kind of weird and awkward. Thus, we're quiet about them.

Well, no more! At least not for this girl!

Here is a list of the few quirky things I do that you probably wouldn't know if you didn't live with me or know me really well.

1. As I already stated, I'm obsessed with YouTube makeup tutorials. Either I love yelling at the computer screen, admittedly sometimes with a mouth full of ice cream or cereal, telling the girl (or boy, if you're into that judgement) that she's doing it ALL WRONG, or I sit there memorized at the sheer genius of some random girl in her bedroom who got lucky with a good Mac 224 brush and some decent lighting. Does that make me a loser? A little bit. Am I owning it? You betcha. Ya'll know you do it, too.

2. I totally drink milk straight out of the carton. Almost.every.time. Judge away!!

3. I love reality TV. There is a special place in my heart for Celebrity Rehab and LA Ink.

4. I have a crush on Craig Ferguson, even though he's probably old enough to be my grandpa. Also, he's hysterical, and I watch him and laugh so hard that I literally have tears rolling down my face.

5.I eat all over the house. In bed, in the bathtub, on the couch, at the table, on the kitchen floor, in the hallway, on the living room floor dead center with the TV like a 5 year old, outside, in the car... You name it. But I always usually take my dishes to the sink.

There ya have it. We're all quirky and weird. Now, I'm off to watch music videos on YouTube. Yet another quirky obsession that I'll waste hours doing. Tonight will be filled with the Bush edition of Guitar Sessions.


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