Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Musings and Cravings

Can we talk, for half a second, about the chaos that is summer semester?

Great, thanks.

Good chat.

Can we also talk about my huge pet peeve with turning on the bathtub and realizing, quite suddenly, that the tab was pulled for the shower? Oh, thanks for that nice little wake up call. The children awaking to four letter words wish to thank you, also.

My chaotic school schedule is the culprit for my lack of depth in some of my recent blog posts. But I hope you are all entering and enjoying the giveaways as there are several more in the pipe!! Also, I've got some great secret weapons coming your way and a review or two!

For now, can I just tell you I am sincerely craving a Five Guys double bacon cheeseburger and fries? With fry sauce. And a dr pepper with a straw. The real deal. Not diet. I'm goin' big in my fantasy feast and I'm not even sorry.

And I would polish off that sucker with a cupcake. Or two.

Ooooh! Or a margarita pizza! (Did I spell that right, Italian lovers?)

By the way, a NYX and ELF orders were TOTALLY made today. Expect a full report.

I'm gonna go do some damage to a box of cereal.


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