Sunday, December 29, 2013


Today, I shamelessly skipped church and cried cramps.
I wore flannel and sipped Dr. Pepper and read. Like, I read. A book.

Today, the only thing I wore on my face was Cetephil and Carmex.
I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube and planned out my outfits for a week. These two things shouldn't up my endorphins as much as they do. But alas, I'm unashamed.

Today, I painted my nails. Oh, and before that I used cuticle oil. On my cuticles. So now my cuticles are in excellent shape and my nails are shiny. And colorful.

Today, I ate those chocolate Cadbury things in copious amounts. I snuggled under animal print blankets and read blog posts on my iPad. For hours.

I watched New Girl and laughed with my kids and husband.

And drank a lot of Dr. Pepper.

And friends, I'm calling it productive.


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