Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Weekend in Snapshots

I went to school on a snowy Saturday morning, and obviously with an empty tank of gas.

I did laundry and other domestic things...#wefinallyhavecleantowels
It snowed.
A lot.
So I drank warm things.
And wore warm things.
And then we wrapped a birthday gift for Uncle Josh and made him a birthday card that we subsequently forgot to attach to the gift.
Then the kitchen actually got cleaned.
And Landon's room went from this, to this:
Which is something of a miracle.
Ellie's room stayed like this.
We had our weekly Sunday morning breakfast.
And went to church.
We picked our candy out of the Santa calendar.

And tore a paper off our our Christmas countdown chain.

We drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Sunday dinner.
Then we came home to make apple cinnamon cupcakes.

 They wrestled around on floor.

 And I sat down and read a book.

And now the house is quiet. And finals are approaching. And instead of sleeping, I'll be studying. 

And I think I need a weekend from my weekend.


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