Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Winter Tag Week 1


It's so freaking cold outside.

I went out to my car yesterday and it literally (I measured) had 7 inches of snow on it. A snow scraper did nothing. I legitimately shoveled the snow off of my car. In 4 inch stiletto boots (as you will see later), successfully, without falling or ruining said boots. I was much more worried about my boots than I was about finding my car under a mountain of snow.

So, here's week one of the challenge I was tagged in. I kind of didn't do a great job this week-just two outfits. But here ya go! Ghetto iphone style via my ghetto door mirror. You're welcome for making you feel better about your less ghetto life.

I have to (semi) dress up for work, but I'm on a small budget, people. I guess this is my way of handling my shopping addiction on a dime. You're gonna see a lot of brands like Target and Old Navy in this tag, but that's how I make it work. I'm all about mixing my $6 t-shirts with designer stuff. And there are a lot more $6 t-shirts involved than there are designer labels. It's how I roll. College student, people. Two kids. What it is.

Feel free to join in--leave your link in the comments. I specifically tag Becca, Jess, Malae, Jena...I think you guys would be so cute, and it's kinda fun. And I want to see what you're wearing! (In a non-creepy way...or creepy, if that's what you're into. No judgement.)

Cardigan: BellaElla Boutique, Tee: Kohls, Pencil Skirt: Old Navy, Tights: Target, Scarf: Old Navy, Boots: Steve Madden 

 Cardigan: Old Navy, Tee: Costco (no lie), High Waisted Pants: Rue 21, Flats: Old Navy, Scarf: Old Navy, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Kohls

There ya have it! Link up! I wanna see what you're wearing ;) 
(That joke might not ever get old.)

And speaking of Old Navy, until midnight tonight use the code FLASH online and get 30 % off, no exclusions. You're welcome. 


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