Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful and a Fashion Tag

Hello! As the weekend of Thanksgiving draws to a close, I know I should be thinking about all of the things that I'm so grateful for, but I can't help but think, just a bit selfishly, that I'm exhausted. And I need a weekend from my weekend. That being said, I truly have so many things to be thankful for. I have a great job, my husband has a great job, my kids are beautiful and happy, my husband is my best friend, I have great Frye boots...I mean, the list goes on.

Mostly though, especially this weekend, I've realized how truly lucky, grateful and blessed I am to have Daniel in my life. My husband and I have had quite the whirlwind of a year. But dammit if we aren't the best of friends. I'd rather hang out with him than with anyone else. And he makes me laugh, oh he makes me laugh. He understands my sense of humor that is often mistaken by others as, kinda....rude. He loves me even though I'm the grouchiest person alive, especially when I'm hangry (anger caused by hunger). Guys, he makes the best pancakes ever and he always scratches my back when I ask him to. The man does laundry, people. And he's just the greatest dad. The kids just want to be with him every spare minute. He never, ever acts annoyed when he's waiting for me to come to bed and watch a movie and I take literally thirty minutes to wash my face and brush my teeth. He always kisses me goodbye in the morning even though he leaves for work before I'm awake and he doesn't complain that I never make his lunch anymore even though when we were first married I did it all the time. He doesn't make me feel stupid when I buy another pair of shoes. He never puts me down. Ever. He has never in our marriage put me down. He rarely yells. He holds my hand all the time. And he lets me watch girly shows like Kardashians and Teen Mom without grumbling even though I make a big stink when I have to watch Overhaulin' or whatever the other car shows are.

So I'm grateful for so many things. Because I'm so blessed.

But I'm thankful, I'm just so very thankful, for him.

Onto the second part of this post:
And now, I've been in turn, I'm tagging all of you. In the spirit of the holiday season here is a challenge (that I'm going to try so hard not to fail at miserably) to participate in our own kind of 25 Days of Christmas. Introducing: 25 Days of Winter Fashion.

The tag is to once a week, until December 25th, post a string of snap shots of that previous weeks winter outfit choices. Hopefully I can take a snap shot at least once a day. So, today I lose the game because I wore yoga pants and a hoodie all day long. But I suppose the fun of it is to document our winter attire in both the laid back and more uptight days. I'll post my pics each Wednesday until the best Wednesday of the month! (That would be December 25th!)

So, like I said, I tag all of you!


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