Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Threads: Time Machine Edition

It's been a while since we've had a Thursday Threads!!

Lately, I've been realizing that so many of my day to day outfits seem to follow a decade-themed trend and I don't even realize it. I think that's one of the things that I love most about fashion: it's about taking what we know, adding a twist to it, and making it something new!!

Here are a few of my takes on the "then and now". The most interesting part is that I put together the outfit ideas for "now" before I ever even searched for the "then". I'm amazed at how similar we dress today! I absolutely love it.

The 50's and 60's
If you ask me, the 50's and 60's were fashion's best decades. The skirts were perfect, be they slim and pencil or full and cinched at the waist (how is this ever not flattering?!), they were higher than the dropped lines of the 20's, and when women did wear pants (more towards the 60's) they were tapered and skinny, much like the "skinny jeans" we can't live without now. Women were sexy without being skimpy and Vogue was having a hay day. And don't even get me started on Coco Chanel.
(Above) This is my Grandma Bonnie in 1952. I love the red lips and long, curly bob. Not to mention the tiny details in her top. So many variations of this are so pretty right now. 
(Above) Right to Left: Aunt Lindy with my mom in the stroller and Grandma Bonnie with my uncle in the stroller. Circa 1968. Grandma's button up and tapered pants are definitely a precursor to lots of my favorite looks right now.

and Now:

I adore how vintage some of these outfits look, but they're still so trendy. And the rose/mauve with canary yellow? Yes, please! I could talk about my love affair with 50's and 60's fashion all day. What's more 50's than polka dots and Chanel red? They had it right. What's more 60's than a bow and lace? 

The 70's 
For the time, the prints and colors seemed loud, though they're washed out compared to the neon that would follow a few years later. Necklines got lower, platforms got taller and my personal favorite, the patterns got bolder. 


(Above): My grandma is the hottie in the white skirt and black collared top. 

and Now:

There's no denying the roots of these looks. We just don't even realize it! That being said, you will never catch me dead in a denim jumpsuit. Never.

The 80's 
When we think of the 80's we usually think of some pretty awful color combos, neon nightmares and horrendous hair. I think that was more of the glam 80's. Not everyone dressed like Madonna, just like not all of us dress like Ke$ha or Lady Gaga. The first few pictures are pretty extreme, and then the last few are things you might see on any given day. Isn't my mom such a babe? No wonder my dad was always chasing her. She's looking flyyyy!

Then-The Extreme:

Then-The Reality: 
(Above) The cast of 80's tv show, Thirtysomething. Note the cuffed, destructed boyfriend jeans. We love that right now! And the blazers and tights with an over sized sweater are so cute when it's cold, too!
 (Above) My mom (in 1985) is rocking two different trends that we all love. The colored (in this case white) bermudas and high, cinch waisted shorts. And she looks pretty great in front of my dad's old Firebird.
(Above) Here, Grandma Bonnie and Mom both show off great waistlines, and the length and cut of my mom's jeans are so flattering, as opposed to whatever it was that happened to all of our jeans in the 90's.
 (Above): Despite the toothpaste and curlers, my mom is such a babe! Stripes? Yes, please. Gold jewelry? Sign me up. That tiny little waist? Nope, this isn't photoshopped. She's that hot. 

and Now:

I have probably two dozen variations of the above outfits hanging in my closet right now! I'm a sucker for converse, especially their neon collection as of late, and the slight (but calmer) version of an acid wash in the denim is really cute. I don't know what is more 80's about the second outfit; the Keds or the high waisted shorts. I'll take them both in bulk though, thankyouverymuch. And who doesn't love destructed jeans and a blazer? Thankfully, the 80's have been tamed down a bit from the over the top bangs and blue eyeshadow, but you can't deny that we're lovin' our neon lately, we're rocking the Ray Ban's, our lipstick is getting brighter and  we're stackin' up the bracelets. We're tucking in our tops, we're mixing bold colors, and we're moving away from the horror that was low rise jeans. I'm just glad we ditched the scrunchie.

So now that we've returned from memory lane, I can't help but think that when I get dressed tomorrow, I'll be thinking about what decade inspired my clothes! 

Tell me what your favorite decade was for fashion! Which one was the worst? I tag you all to write a similar post and let's link up with it. I want to see your looks!


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I still use scrunchies - usually only in the privacy of my own home though. ;)