Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Just Not That Kind of Blog

I was recently an eavesdropper to a conversation about the typical "mommy blogs". You know, those stay at home moms. The ones who have time to bake all day, always have a clean house, make crafts and actually own a sewing machine.

The conversation went on to say that these moms are "fake". That they probably have husbands who don't care about them or compliment them enough, so they go to the internet and create a faux identity and make us feel bad about ourselves for not being that perfect mommy.

The concept was brought up that these blogs are the cause of our guilt induced and self destructive ideas about our inadequacies as mothers because they force us to compare our worst to someone else's very best, most photographable moments.




I'm just throwing this out there: It seems to me that a lot of things go around the internet, blogs, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. showing the perfection of another person's life. But diminishing another person's light, or saying that there is no way that they're "that good, that way, that crafty, that pretty, or that perfect"...that, my friends, is judgemental. That's exactly what you're irritated with those mommies for being so arrogant as to be.

How dare they put makeup on before they take a picture?

How dare they do the dishes before they show the refinished kitchen table?

How dare they wipe off the Kool-Aid moustache before posting a picture of the kids?

I can't help but think that you might have judged them had they had a bare face, a dirty kitchen, or a messy kiddo??

I think it's less about judging and comparing others' best to our worst, and more about judging ourselves.

I love those blogs.

I love seeing those chocolate chip cookies she just freshly baked before her adoring children came home from school. Am I going to bake them? Hell, no. I don't have time for that. I'm going to send my husband to the grocery store to buy me a bag of them.

I love reading the tutorial about how she recovered her dining room chairs. Am I going to recover my dining room chairs? Please. I live in a 4plex. I don't have a dining room. But the colors are pretty!!

Just because I love those blogs doesn't mean I have to be them. I can be me, and be real without it. Is this one of those blogs? Ha. No. But someone showing you their best doesn't make them any less flawed, and it certainly doesn't make them any less real.

And just in case you don't take me seriously, this is what is real in my life. Because though I have respect for and love reading those blogs or seeing those pictures on facebook, this just isn't that kind of blog.

Walking into your bathroom to see that your daughter has decided she needed a makeover. You've suddenly hit pan on three eye shadows that you've yet to even use yet. Odd how that happens.

You ignore the mounds of laundry all around you needing to be folded because your new title is Jungle Gym. And that's better than Laundry Folder, any day.


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