Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Work Day and the Babies

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday, everyone! Here are a few looks from the last little while! Love to hear what you think or your ideas! 

This first look was for work, and then my handsome hubby surprised me on his lunch break to drop off a much needed Dr. Pepper! Couldn't resist adding that to our mess of happiness!! 

Yellow Top: Cotton On; Black and Leopard print Scarf: Nordstrom; Maroon Lace Skirt: My Sister's Closet; Black Lace Tights: Target; Grey T-Strap Pumps: Forever Young Shoes; Jewelry: Apricot Lane Boutique (Bracelets) and Old Navy (Earrings).  Frankly, who knows what Dan is wearing. We love him regardless. <3


These sweet kids make me so happy. They look great, right? But it's more important to me that they treat each other right, and they do. I'm a proud mamma. No but really, they look great. 
Landon- Grey cordouroy pants: Gymboree; Black Dress Shoes: The Children's Place; Button Down Top: The Children's Place; That Adorable Smile: His Handsome Daddy
Adelle- Black Onesie: Gerber; Denim Jacket: WalMart (really!); Floral Skirt:; Textured Tights: Target; Mary Jane Shoes: Payless; Black Headband: The Children's Place; Attitude: Her Mamma


This sweet girl had a day-date with Mommy and picked her clothes out by herself! (I helped with the hair, though...) Love that she already loves to go through her drawers and closet to find things she wants to wear and put together. I love it even MORE when it works, so that I don't have to either just let her do it, or trick her into my idea! (I mean, no...I never do that...)

Skirt: Old Navy; Top: Wal Mart (again, really!); Opaque Black Tights: Target; Pink Combat Boots: Ruum; Coat: Costco (no lie...); Bows: Wal Mart

Hope you're all having a GREAT Wednesday! 


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