Friday, February 7, 2014 Review and $10 Promotion

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I'm thrilled about this so I'm just going to jump right in. Also, they have an amazing limited time sale, so I best hurry and get you the goods.

Shoplately! This site is my new favorite. Okay, here is the run down. Basically they're a site dedicated to our favorite things. Clothes, shoes and accessories. And when I say accessories, I'm not playing. These pieces rival Bauble Bar which has been one of my favorites for ages now. Here are a few that I've had my eye on!
On sale for $10.50; normally $12.99
Regular Price $22.50
On Sale for $12.00; Normally $20.00
Regular Price $15.00
Regular Price $16.00
Regular Price $17.50

We want them all, right?!

Here is the exciting part. Right now, for a limited time only (I should have been in infomercials...) they're giving you a $10 credit to their store if you sign up on their website via facebook here. 

It's so easy, and BOOM, you have $10 to their store. And honestly, with prices like they've got, $10 gets you pretty far! You can also watch for free shipping on certain items, and you're in even better shape. 

As for me, I signed up via facebook and got these two beauties (both free shipping) and paid a grand total of $5. Five dollars. Five. Dollars. 

You get the point.

Also, the items that are marked down right now are only on sale until February 12th. So hop to it! And everyone, tell me what you got! I can't wait to see.

Here is that link again! Have fun and hurry before the $10 facebook promotion and markdowns are over! 


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