Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Threads {{Guest Post}} Featuring Kate

Happy Thursday! Today's Thursday Threads piece includes a guest post by none other than my baby SISTER, Kate. She's quirky, witty and gorgeous. She gets all of that from me. No really, she does.

I asked her to post about the super chic and always trendy (Is that an oxymoron? Not HERE it's not!) leather look, and she confessed that she was already hoping to do so! Thus, this post was born! Enjoy, all! Hopefully she'll be back for more Thursday Threads posts. Show her some love in our comments!


Hello my fellow divas!
Lyss was gracious enough to let me crash the party and take over a “Thursday Threads” post.
SO! What’s up for this week? Well, get out your aviators and rev those Harley’s because LEATHER is what we are all about these days!

Leather isn’t just for bikers or pre-shaven Brittany Spears anymore.

I’ve compiled a few funky and flirty ways to flaunt that fabric. I’ve focused on some spring looks, as my fever won’t be breaking anytime soon! I’m loving how we can mix the edgy with the springy, girly look to create a great balance of soft and sharp in the outfit.

Firstly, we all have that black leather jacket in our closet. It’s a staple we can’t live without! And if it’s good enough for the King, it’s good enough for me.

But, getting a colored leather jacket can spice up that outfit and add a little spring flair to your wardrobe. My favorite is a pale pink or peach colored jacket, seen below. The pink adds a girly touch, and the studs and leather put a nice edge to it. It has more sweet and spicy attitude in it than Panda Express chicken.
But leather doesn’t belong on just jackets. Leather piping and sleeves on shirts are everywhere. To quiet my inner hipster- I like to take what’s popular and make it my own. One way to have a unique take on the super chic leather sleeve trend is finding something like the white leather collar shirt, seen below. This adorable shirt is so girly and gorgeous, and the leather collar adds a fun grown-up vibe to it. With some pretty pearl studs, you’ll be turning heads!

Who knew you could also rock the leather look on bottom as well? A leather pencil skirt, if done right, can look sophisticated and modern. I’m digging this subtle look with a leather skirt and a plain white tee. Adorably understated

And I mean the jewelry in this…need I say more?

As long as we are talking about leather south of the border; leather leggings have been everywhere as of late. Unless you’ve been living in Siberia, you’ve noticed these leggings have taken over the legs of twenty-something’s everywhere. Problem is, we’ve got to work the leather right, ladies! I personally think a longer top helps balance out the fact that…well…you’re wearing leather pants. Some of my favorite leather legs that have graced the streets are the leather paneled pants, or the moto style texture of these trousers. 


The leather-list is as long as it is lovely. The next favorite from my leather line-up is a good vest. Nothing says my guilty pleasure is punk rock quiet like a moto vest over a girly dress.


 Remember, with leather, less is more. It’s better to make one statement at a time then have your shiny pieces compete with each other for attention.

Contradiction is leather’s best friend. Mixing, matching and contrasting the edginess of leather with the soft side of spring will make your next leather debut worthy of the warmth it’s sure to receive! So rock it out and girl it up this spring! 

Leather paneled pants: The Nordstrom’s Rack.
Effile Tower tee: Forever 21
Black cardigan: Walmart. (Thaaaat’s right.)
Gold lightning bolt necklace: Forever 21


P.S. I’m sorry, but I feel as though I need to remind everyone one last time that this happened

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