Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: From Sunday Best to Mechanic's Threads

Well hello, everyone!
First I just wanted to say thanks for the phenomenal turn out, I guess you could say, with respect to the giveaway last week for the Agnes and Dora leggings. It was so much fun, and the support from everyone meant a lot to me! Fashion is a huge passion for me (another post) and pulling these outfits will one day not just be what I do for fun on my blog or when collaborating with other designers or boutiques. IT WILL BE MY JOB, MARK MY WORDS.

Okay, onto some more fun stuff. Here are a few looks as of late. Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!

So this first look was just me and my babies before church one morning. We played with neutrals and a few pops of color. Ellie's whole outfit (minus her purse and shoes) was a Christmas gift from my Grandma Bonnie. She always does have great style. Especially when my Aunt Jill helps her pick things out. Thanks, ladies. Ellie looked beautiful. Though I couldn't get a full shot of my Landon (he's just so busy with very important things to do, ya know??) he felt nothing less than dapper that day, which he showed by telling everyone at church, "I look pretty great today." No lie.

Ellie-Dress: Children's Place; Cardigan: Children's Place; Heart Tights: Old Navy; Purse: Wal Mart; Bow: Children's Place; Shoes: Payless.
Landon-Pants (not pictured-Khaki slacks): Target; White Button-Up: Children's Place; Blue and Green Tie: Target
Me-Aztec Skirt: Old Navy (available in Tall, ladies!!); Chevron Tights: Target; Oxford Pumps: Sole Society; Chambray Top: Nordstrom; Nude Pullover Sweater: Old Navy; Jewelry: Old Navy

This second look was right before heading out to the concert that I blogged about here. Dan surprised me with a cute v-neck tee from Edelbrock, which is a company that he loves to buy car parts from. What can I say? I'm married to a mechanic. These jeans are the Rockstar line from Old Navy which they now sell in mid rise. (Ladies. Like, buy mid rise jeans. They don't look or feel like "mom jeans" but you hate your muffin top, I know you do because you're constantly grabbing the two belt loops closest to the button and doing the oh-so-flattering "up and over" routine. Please. Do this to help yourself and everyone behind you when you bend over to pick up your kids. Kthanks.) They also offer these in Tall and Long (not sure the difference...anyone want to enlighten me?) which I love because I love the slouchy look you can get from a great pair of skinnies and sneakers... but my legs are too long.UNTIL NOW!
TShirt: Gift from the hubby and Edelbrock; Jeans: Mid-rise Rockstar Skinnies from Old Navy; Shoes: Converse; Bracelet: Um. I forgot.

What did you all wear this week?! Link up!


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