Saturday, January 11, 2014

Addressing Some Questions as of Late

Hey everyone! So just a quick little post today. Over the last week or two, I've been absolutely overwhelmed (in the BEST way possible) with requests via email, Facebook, text, in person, etc. for specific blog posts, product reviews, guest blogging and collaboration concepts, Q and A sessions, stylist requests and the like. I was even broached about the subject of doing a YouTube channel and legit started laughing at that one...
Anyway, I wanted to quickly point out a few things.

First, the best way to get in touch with me regarding business inquiries is either email or Facebook. Chatting in person is totally fine by me, but it's harder for me to keep track of it all if it's not "written down" somewhere. You can find me on Facebook here, or email me at: Also there is a link at the top of my blog where you can find ways to get in touch with me about any of these types of inquiries.

Secondly, I wanted to really, truly THANK all of the people who are not only following this blog, but have shared it with their friends. Thank you for encouraging people to become "followers" and to subscribe by email. I typically post a link to my blog posts to Facebook, but I'll be leaning away from that a bit I think. I'll still share them to my Facebook wall from time to time, and I'll be sharing THIS post, so it's not like I'm anti linking blogs to social media. But that being said please, "follow" my blog or subscribe by email and encourage your friends to "follow" my blog as well. I get a lot of comments about my posts on the link that I post to Facebook and that feedback is so awesome for future posts. But I'd like to gear that toward the blog itself, instead of on the link to Facebook. PLEASE feel free to "share" my posts on your own Facebook. I wouldn't and couldn't ever discourage that. It's so fun to find out that I have followers of my blog that have found me through others' sharing of my posts or giveaways. I'm simply saying that I would like the discussion and feedback from my blog to occur here, as opposed to my links shared to social media. This will help me to use that feedback to what it is that you'd like to see me blog about!!

And finally, I have some awesome reviews and giveaways coming up here in the next few weeks, but I'd really like some feedback from all of YOU. Please, tell me what you'd like to see. I've had requests like: tutorials, more outfit posts, more makeup posts, more giveaways, more reviews, etc. Tell me what you think! Let's build this out to something incredible together.

I've really appreciated all the support (especially as of late) from some great people that I truly consider to be my friends. Thanks for your support, your "atta girl" attitude toward me, and the support of my dreams and the changes that are happening in my life to move toward those dreams (another post entirely--stay tuned). I walk a fine line with trying to convey how much FUN I think all of this "stuff" is (makeup, clothes, styling, etc.) and making sure my readers, my friends, my family and my community know that I don't think that the "stuff" is more important than what really matters. I also want to acknowledge that though I'm working toward that professional training, at this point I'm NOT a professional makeup artist, I don't have a fashion degree yet, and I DON'T for one second think that I'm one bit better or smarter than anyone else out there who just loves to experiment with fashion and styling as much as I do. I love the idea of collaborations and guest posts, so like I said, please feel free to contact me at any time for those things.

So, in short, the support has been phenomenal and I really appreciate it.

Thanks, everyone!

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