Thursday, June 20, 2013

First and Last

Being a mamma means a lot of things.

Too many things to ever try to dictate in a blog post.

But among the many, being a mom means you witness a lot of "firsts", both for yourself and your babies.

There are first haircuts.
And first days of pre-school.
But there are lasts, too. I think that sometimes, we just don't recognize them as much. Slowly, but surely, they grow up. One day, there will be a last time that these crazy babies find a laundry hamper to sit in while they watch a movie...

One day, Ellie won't sit in a high chair anymore. She won't say "no" to everything, even if she means "yes". It will be done, it will be gone. One day, Landon won't say "K" sounds like a "T" ever again. And one day, he'll be able to pronounce "directions" instead of saying "delections."

I think they're worth every first and every last.

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