Monday, April 14, 2014

Personal Shopping: Easter Baskets

Hey everyone! Spring is in the air and I am just loving it.
One thing that not a lot of people realize is that personal shopping isn't just for clothes and shoes! Easter is right around the corner and I'm happily filling orders for custom made Easter baskets! (Mother's Day baskets and Teacher Appreciation Day baskets are also available!) I thought maybe I'd show you some of my favorites that I've been putting together this year as well as let you in on my giveaway for a basket on my Facebook page!

The Easter Bunny loves those with allergies too! :)

For your little girl!

For your little boy!

For "him"!

For "her"!

Family set! Buy any 4 baskets and get 15% off of your order!

For "her"!

For your little boy!

For the beauty lover!

For the beauty lover!

For the baker!

As you can see, baskets can be filled with just about anything! I love filling baskets for your favorite people with their favorite things! Shrink wrapping is great for shipping, as well.

This basket was sent to a missionary. It's filled with ties, dress socks, treats and the like! Again, shrink wrapping is prefect for shipping!

I've been filling these orders at all price points. They range anywhere from $20-$200! I am also happy to shrink wrap and ship or deliver any baskets. And they don't just have to be for Easter! Who doesn't love a gift basket for their birthday, anniversary or "just because"?!

Now, for the giveaway! Head over to my Facebook page and enter to win this basket valued at $50! All you have to do is find the giveaway post on the page and find the giveaway rules there! Here are pictures of the basket you can win!


This feather themed basket includes a candle, jewelry tree, necklace, water bottle, decorative sign, hand soap, lots of little goodies, a makeup bag, eggs filled with candy and some feather themed surprises! Head over to my Facebook page to win it!

Happy Easter, everyone! 

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