Sunday, August 18, 2013

Letting the Colors Change

Hey all!!
I'm currently blogging in the car (so forgive me my grammatical shortcomings) cherry coke and fashion magazines in tow. We spent the weekend in Vegas, and the getaway was much needed. We got dressed up and hit the town last night but mostly we just let the kids swim and hung out with the family. We left Friday afternoon and will be back by bedtime tonight (Sunday) but the quick trip was worth it.

Life has been crazy the last few weeks (thus, my lack of blogging) and the Hall family just needed to get out of town. There is something about physically removing yourself from your surroundings that provides clarity. Often, I've realized that most of my problems can be solved if I just momentarily remove myself from the situation. It's as if I'm allowed to briefly see my own problems from an priceless outside perspective.

This quick little getaway was not only an opportunity for self reflection but it also sort of marks the summer ending. Things will change. Within the next few weeks, the temperatures will start to drop a little bit at a time. Soon, the leaves will change and my beautiful Utah mountains will glaze over with auburn and honey colored trees. Nature will look dead, but it's not. It's beginning the process of starting over. It's allowing the natural cycle of things to take course. And I think there is a lesson in that. Often, we (*cough* try so hard to be in control and chart the course of how things go.

But sometimes the healing comes from just letting go and allowing the colors to just change.

It's time for me to stop fighting so hard and just let my colors change.

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