Monday, March 25, 2013


The Searching Project is just that. I decided that the only thing that's constant in our lives is that we are always looking for something. When we stop looking, stop growing and stop changing, we stop living. We can't just cease to grow. Be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually; growing is what sets humanity apart from the rest of existence. So... What, you might ask, is it that I'm searching for?

Ha. Hell if I know.

I decided to start this blog because I've always wanted to be a writer. I've had several blogs before:

I had the cliche "family" blog where I tried to make everyone think that it was a blog from my FAMILY. Get real, guys. You know it was just me, writing about my perspective on everything. I can call it The Family Blog but that's crap. It was The Mommy Blog.

I had the secret blog that nobody knew was me. It actually generated a few hundred followers and got a lot of traffic. But I made certain that nobody could link it back to me, and if they thought they could, they wouldn't ever be able to prove it (okay, unless there were creepy FBI profiling and IP address stalking going on). But that blog was a documentation of a sad time for leave it in the obscurity it was created for.

I had a blog I had to create for school. That one was lame.

But, here I am. Again. Creating a new blog. But this one, this one is different (no, really!!). Okay, well I hope it's different.

I had a hard time naming this blog. I wanted to come up with something that I knew would describe me presently, hold true to my past, and leave my future open for what I might become. This is no easy task, my friends. I'll let you in on a few of the runners-up for titles:

The Average Project: I like this one. I still like this one. I think that I decided against it because it was too...uninspiring. I'm fine with being average, don't get me wrong. But....booooring.

The Character Project: So I have this affinity for character-building experiences. But here's the thing-I only like them AFTER the fact. Nobody likes having to learn those life lessons (enter: dresses with jeans. WHY was that EVER cool? No! Not okay!). But I changed my mind when I realized that I'd have to eat my words if I wanted to vent one day or talk crap about something and my premise was this uptight "let's all build character and do the right thing". Meh. I'd rather talk crap sometimes, so I'm not going to set myself up for THAT criticism.

Which is why I decided on The Searching Project. Bottom line? Sometimes, I'm going to want to blog about life lessons. Sometimes, I'm going to stalk someone walking down the street because I love their outfit, and I'm gonna post about it. Sometimes, I'm going to want to talk about makeup and nail polish trends and my love affair with Steve Madden. Sometimes, I'm going to post about my kids and how damn cute they are or my family and where I come from.
Or my friends. They're cool.
Ooooooooh! Or food. We like food around here.

So, you get my drift. We're gonna go with the flow (something I'm not used to OR comfortable with in the least), but it will be an adventure. And all the while we'll be searching. We don't know what we'll find, but the fact of the matter is this:
Most of the time, we don't even know what we're looking for. And that's the fun of it. And the shame of it. And the irony of it. And the pain of it. It's nothing, really. Just nothing. Or everything, but we call it nothing. Just life. With a satirical, sarcastic, awkward spin on it by Yours Truly.

So, here goes nothing.

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Ester said...

Excellent... Can't wait to stalk your new blog. :)